Friday, February 26, 2010

street food at the thurs farmers market

yesterday afternoon i had a doctor's appointment in the city so i hopped off of BART at embarcadero and dropped into the thursday farmers market at the ferry building to grab a couple of quick eats from a couple of the stands. i pretty much knew what two stands i wanted to visit and it was also incredibly convenient that the stands are nestled between each other. what stands you ask? the stands i am referring to are namu....

and 4505 meats...

whenever i am near the ferry building in the city on thursday afternoons, i try to make a concerted effort to hit up 4505 meats because i love their dogs/sausages and not to mention their decadently wonderful chicharrones. once one tries chicarrones from 4505 meats....i very much doubt that you will eat mass produced ones ever again. i always pick up a bag or two for loved ones to try. admittedly, i am a bit like a virus.... when i like something....not only do i buy them for me...i end up buying them for loved ones to try. often, i kept telling myself that i should try the namu stand, especially since a group of us will be paying a dinner visit to the namu restuarant in the near future....but i would get distracted and get a dog "zilla style" or totally stuff myself on offerings from 4505 meats.

yesterday, i decided to be a bit more strategic in my approach to the thurs farmers market street food treats. i went to namu FIRST ....

and ordered 1 korean taco.

this took a great deal of restraint as there were many other things at the namu stand that i wanted to try. then, after gobbling down the korean taco, i hit up 4505 meats and ordered the fried mac and cheese...

which i have had before and already knew that i adore....hello, i mean...this is mac and cheese... could this not be good (especially coming from 4505 meats).

hello hot crispy gooey cheesey stuff....

hmmmm. doncha just love food porn?

i love food porn. i love taking pics of food porn and looking at food porn.

well, i hope you enjoyed that as much as i did.

until later.


thursdays farmers market 10-2pm, ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,

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