Thursday, March 18, 2010

in new york

i made it.

i'm staying at this absolutely enormous and tasteful studio on the upper west side. i had almost forgotten how happy i feel...just being here. i love the sounds of the city. this is obviously a good place to live as long as one is in a certain tax bracket and i suppose i'll need to find out if i am in the appropriate tax bracket. i sense research in my future.

after our plane landed, we dropped off our stuff, freshened up, and then decided to wander around. it is rather wonderful the amount of food options there are....just within a few blocks of this apartment. after doing a bit of window shopping and peeking at various menus, we decided upon paying a visit to tangled vine. it is a wine bar with pretty substantial nibbles. its wine list makes up producers that practice organic, biodynamic and sustainable viticulture.

i find it a bit ironic how this is the place we end up at. it is very appropriate....don't you think?

then after a meal of nibbles (i.e., charcuterie, mushroom fricasse with duck egg...sooooo goood, and these veal ricotta meat balls that were tender pillows of wonderful yumminess) and absolutely tasty glasses of wine, we took a short walk over to the shake shack to grab some frozen custard.

i love frozen custard. this isn't a treat that is readily available in california which is a huge tragedy. HUGE. anyway, the flavor of the day was coffee and donuts....

......and it was absolutely sublime.

i am completely stuffed...with happiness.

ahhh, new i have missed you.

tangled vine, 434 amsterdam avenue, new york, ny 10024, phone + 1 646.863.3896,

shake shack, 366 columbus ave at 77th, +1 646 747 8770,

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