Wednesday, March 3, 2010


ok. i need to take a break away from work and research at the moment.

the boss is in istanbul for some meetings so some of the requests that would normally come to him are arriving in my inbox. nothing gets the heart pumping than getting an email from an exec at 7am that needs to be jumped on, like, ASAP. this is one of the small disadvantages of there being such a time zone difference between me and europe. yet, thankfully, i was able to find out what they were looking for and respond within the right window.

i'm actually not working from my home office for the next few i have a bit unexpectedly found myself working in an area north of san francisco. right now, i'm sitting at a local cafe with wifi, looking out the window, watching the rain, and feeling grateful that i live in the digital age of wifi, vpns, and mobile computing.

i arrived here last night by catching public transportation from the city. naturally, since i was in the city, i decided to stop off at the sf ferry building to pick up a few things to try and take with me on this impromptu trip. my first stop was at blue bottle to pick up some iced coffee for me and a bag of beans (17ft ceiling).

the fact that blue bottle is going to open an outpost in the williamsburg area of brooklyn is absolutely a point in brooklyn/nyc's favor. yes, i'm constantly doing a running tally in my head on the whole nyc vs london vs sf decision making process.

after grabbing beans and some deliciously wonderful coffee (spoken like a true addict), i also decided to make a stop off at the mariposa bakery kiosk at the sf ferry building as well.

the gal that helped me was super nice as i perused mariposa's wares ......

and picked out my various selections before i hopped on public transit .....

to where i am now. to help pass the time on public transit......i ended up taking a couple of foodie shots of my recently purchased wares from mariposa....

so far, i've only tried the peace cake and it was a hit. as i cut into the cake to serve it, i noticed that it was a bit crumbly (which is no surprise for gluten free stuff). i ended up serving it with a side of yogurt that i mixed with some bitter almond extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon....and it was a pretty decent combo. i've also heard that the chocolate chip cookies i bought were excellent as well. one of the reasons why i decided to stop off at mariposa before coming here was because i had heard from a couple of folks that they make tasty good stuff, period...and not "good for gluten free" stuff. while i haven't tried the other goods that i've bought at mariposa, i'm looking forward to it.

well, break time over....until later dear readers...


mariposa baking, one ferry building (kiosk is near the main entrance, next to the gardner and across from the wine merchant), san francisco, ca 94111,

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