Saturday, March 20, 2010

not so curmudgeonly

good morning.

i'm blogging from the bed, taking small but ongoing sips of my jasmine green tea, and recalling last night's adventures wandering around brooklyn.

the evening began by meeting up with someone from the university days and then stopping over into a co-worker's party at a high rise that had a rather amazing balcony view of the brooklyn bridge. after a few drinks, socializing with radio people and the like, we all headed over to park slope in brooklyn and wandered around for quite a bit, chatting and walking and taking in the surroundings. a couple of places we stopped into was this bar-ish music venue place called union hall that had an indoor bocce and then had dinner at rose water. rose water is known in these parts for doing local, seasonal, sustainable, and organic when possible. in a very odd way, i felt like i was in berkeley....well, if it wasn't for the fact that berkeley shuts down, like, at 9:30pm. we were out in brooklyn decidedly past 9:30pm. we didn't get back to our place in the city until well after 2am.

as a result, i'm feeling like i am in a bit of a recovery mode at the moment.

it was one of those evenings where i think i will recall the company more than anything else. despite my typical and completely anti-social ways, i went into "work mode' at the party and was quite social. i doubt that any of the party goers realized that i really dislike parties. if i live here, i have a feeling that i'll probably be in that mode more often at various events and such. yet, the party isn't what i will recall the most from the evening....i think i will recall the laughter before and after the party the most.....and how i really do love being around folks with strong personalities, almost effervescent backbones, and honest observations. it was also a good reminder that despite being a curmudgeon, i am not indifferent to everyone upon first meeting. there are folks that i actually "like" right away.

well, i think it is time to finish my tea and actually get out of bed. another day in new york awaits!

union hall, 702 union street, brooklyn, ny, 11215, +1 718-638-4400,

rose water, 787 union street, brooklyn, ny 11215. +1 718-783-3800,

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