Saturday, March 13, 2010

pho at OTD

i am feeling quite a bit better today. the throat soreness has dissipated. i'm still going to cancel on my plans to attend the film festival today though as i really want to ensure i'll be up for namu tomorrow night. before i dive head-first into this work project i am trying to finish before i head off to nyc, i wanted to share with you some pics from a recent lovely pho experience i had sitting at the bar ......

at out the door or OTD (the location in the food court at sf shopping center....on the bloomingdale's side....on market between 4th and 5th).

OTD did their variation of pho with the wider noodles.....and the broth was absolutely lovely. the best pho broth is clear and not muddled. the clarity of the broth is a direct indicator to how much time and labor was put ensuring that the broth is clear is a time and labor intensive endeavor and for me, it is an immediate visual indication of the quality of the pho. admittedly, i also have pretty high expectations for any thing that is part of the charles phan's group of restaurants.

i was not disappointed.

while i sat at the bar, i was well looked after. this too, is not a surprise. overall, i enjoyed my break at OTD quite a bit.

OTD or Out the Door, 845 market street, concourse level, phone: +1 415 541-9913

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