Wednesday, March 17, 2010


well, i'm about ready to fall asleep.

it is a bit difficult to believe that i'll be on a plane tomorrow headed for new york. i started to get excited about going to new york late last night....and i also realized that i haven't really made any plans to do anything while i am there. i think the distinct possibility of me living there for at least a month pretty soon is making me feel less pressured "to do" anything specific on this trip. not being quite certain about what i am going to do on this trip made for some interesting packing though.... regarding what sort of clothes to take....

but other stuff is a given....

yes, those are what they look like. yes, i am packing them. i've been trying to get into the habit of packing them when i travel...just like taking my toothbrush. i can almost picture some of the raised questioning eyebrows of some loved ones....considering my resistance to playing the field. as LKB pointed out....i am the biggest prude she knows....and yes, i would agree with LKB's assessment.....i may be a prude but i am a practical prude. i even double checked the expiration dates.

i decided to share this particular tidbit because i realize just how much of a taboo it seems for women to discuss this in the open....and we should be responsible for protecting ourselves. who knows? maybe i'll fall head over heels in lust for someone at first sight during my travels (unlikely but for the sake of argument, lets say that may actually be a possibility). i figure that if i am in a situation when i am about to bone down with someone, i sure as hell want to make certain that i am protected. while i doubt that i'll change my position on wanting to actually know, like, and respect the person i'm having sex with (which for me....takes time....yeah, i was totally born in the wrong time period), i also wanted to show an example of just because you bring don't have to use them....but it is good to have them there...just in case.

anyway, after packing and such, i needed to get out and take a walk and clear my head.

i was tired (still am actually) and definitely didn't feel like going back home to make some dinner. i decided to stop into a local place that does "fast food" a bit differently.

for example, the sweet potato fries aren't "fried" but baked.

the burgers are on whole wheat buns and also significantly smaller. usually if i come to this place, i'm all about the sweet potato fries. yet, to be honest, i think i was too tired to really enjoy eating anything....but knew that i had to eat something or else i would be STARVING tomorrow morning before i head to the airport.

well, i think i've hit the super duper tiredness wall and am going to go crash now. til later dear hearts.



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