Thursday, April 15, 2010

buckwheat honey caramels

unfortunately, i arrived much later than i had originally planned at the pastry tasting event at blue bottle last night and i missed out on a chance to see CK. yet, CK left her bday present for me in the care of a mutual acquaintance. what was the present you ask?

they were home made buckwheat honey caramels.

i was bubbling over with excitement because well...not only do i enjoy everything that CK makes (she is one of the few people in this universe that i would eat whatever she decided to make....because i know that i would love it)....but i was even MORE excited than usual because she made them for ME.


yup, that's right.

for ME.

and i'm not sharing.

just a fyi. btw.

nope, no sharing from the foodie hunter on this one.

i love caramels. they are one of my favorite sweets and these (no surprise) are among the yummiest ones that i've ever tasted.

they are delectably tender...yet still chewy.... and leave long threads when you bite into them.....

the buckwheat honey flavor is pretty fascinating. you can taste the sweet honey....but there is this initial richer, earthy, and more dense flavor than most honey i have tasted. these are not subtle flavors which makes me adore them so.

these are a lovely treat. it has been a rough work morning and i find myself returning to my kitchen to grab one of these morsels about every hour or medicine.....yet....the best kind of medicine.....since its succulent deliciousness soothes the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul.

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