Tuesday, April 27, 2010

discovering BodyWorld

one of the benefits from post-poning my trip to the uk due to the volcano was i was able to attend "the rise of the graphic novel" hosted by inforum, a division of the commonwealth club. i look forward to these events and i find that i always walk away with perspectives that are thought provoking or spur some reflection. after my rush of morning meetings, making progress on a couple of key projects, and saying good bye to some old furniture in the late afternoon in preparation for the big move....

i realized that i was starving. i had gotten so caught up in the day that i hadn't really eaten. i thought this was an opportunity to get some take out.......

as well as stop off at the comic relief bookstore to buy the print version of "BodyWorld" by dash shaw....

who was one of the artists on the "rise of the graphic novel" panel last night. as a former editor, i'm willing to bet that shaw's pantheon publicist is probably going to be glad to be able to point to an example of how an author appearance results in a purchase of said author's book as well as getting a non-solicited mention on the interwebs. just to be clear, i don't know shaw, didn't speak to him at the event,....and to be honest, i hadn't heard of him before i attended the event. i went to "rise of the graphic novel" event because i wanted to see gene luen yang, the author of "american born chinese." i was definitely not disappointed in listening to gene luen yang. gene luen yang is intelligent, incredibly personable and, well, adorable. i loved how he mentioned how he sold his comics to his mom, what it was like being apart of this bay area community of cartoonists that would get together every week to work on their work, as well as seeing him giving other people on the panel a hard time in a very good natured and supremely supportive way....such as pointing out that joss whedon had purchased one of lark pien's illustrations....when she (who was also on the panel) couldn't immediately think of a "fan" story. i already own work by yang.

yet, i found my curiosity completely peaked after listening to shaw's perspectives about comics, the creative process, and his perspective regarding that there will be less books but better books as we move more and more toward a digital/online age (i am of course, paraphrasing). i was also surprised when i found myself charmed by his mixture of watchful intensity, composure, sometimes indifference, and honesty.

he was very different from the other members of the panel.

very different.

i pretty much knew mid-way through the event that i was going to seek out his work online, check it out, and probably buy it.

i was intrigued.

i've just started "BodyWorld" while noshing on some the takeout......

yet already i am draw in by the exterior as well as the transformation of something that is usually incredibly mundane such as the copyright page....

did you not see that last line?

in case you can't see the image very well....the last line is: "please read in bed naked."

how unexpected and expected at the same time.

i wonder what sort of in-house conversations occurred at pantheon over this copyright page. as a former editor, i can just imagine.


i have a feeling that i'm going to be continued to be intrigued by dash shaw and look forward to delving deeper into "BodyWorld" as well as some of his other work.

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