Sunday, April 4, 2010

feelin good

it is all dreary outside at the moment. the light has a gray cast to it....and the windy rain is pelting against the trees and the windows. yet, despite the weather, i'm feeling really good. the last couple of days have been quite lovely. all of my companies offices considered friday a holiday, so i took advantage of the company holiday to head over to wondercon (before it got too crowded) to peruse some of the wares from folks such as SLG publishing, Oni Press, Last Gasp, and more. i also gawked at some of the folks in costume...

and other stuff....

because, why not?

there were some costumes that had me smiling but i didn't take pics...because...well, i think i'd prefer to keep things relatively NC-17 on the blog and well....i really hope that the booth bunnies are paid A LOT of money. A LOT. anyway, after i spent a couple of hours at wondercon, i headed to the mission to buy a wedding present.

my plan wasn't to purchase a "typical" wedding present for this particular loved knives, food processors, etc. etc. from me....i decided upon purchasing gift cards from delfina and bi-rite.

while i don't do gift cards very often, but somehow this seemed quite appropriate. not only is this a usual weekly routine for them, i wanted to get them something that would be as far away from "wedding stuff" as possible. something that they could enjoy and be taken care opposed to having to "take care" of stuff for the wedding. i can write about this now since we all caught up last night over a yummy meal at contigo. i do like contigo quite a bit. if i lived in the neighborhood, i have a feeling i'd be a regular. yet, because i was able to give them their wedding present last night, it is safe for me to actually blog about it today....and hence, i haven't spoiled the surprise.

of course, an added benefit for getting them gift cards to bi-rite and delfina, meant that i was able to pay a visit to bi-rite w/out experiencing the long line...

and had one of my ultimate all time favorite flavors.....the salted caramel ice cream.

i think bi-rite's salted caramel flavor should be in a food hall of fame or something. it was my favorite taste of the slow food conference taste pavilion a couple of years ago, and i have been a fan ever since. i also tried their rincanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles) on this visit and it was pretty tasty.

after finishing up the lovely ice cream, i walked over to 25th and mission to grab a burrito from la taqueria. i've been eating here for well over a decade.

i just love it.

so the combination of good food, good friends, and new beginnings still has me flying high and feeling really good....

i'm a lucky gal....and don't i know it.

bi-rite creamery, 3692 18th street (@ dolores), san francisco, ca, 94110, phone: 415.626.5600, lick@biritecreamery,

la taqueria, 2889 mission street (at 25th), san francisco, ca 94110, +1 415 285 7117

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