Wednesday, April 7, 2010

fit my mood

i didn't feel like cooking anything today. i just felt the need to leave my place for a bit, to get away, and see if i could just clear my head. at first, i thought i was pretty open to where i wanted to eat lunch and so while talking to JK, i asked him about this local deli that he was getting all excited and chattering away about on his facebook page recently. it is really funny how folks decide to put in quite a few qualifiers when they talk to me in person about food versus what they'll say to other folks or what they communicate via social media. while many still do not know that i am "foodie hunter", everybody knows that i love to cook, to eat, and to take pics of food.

this is quite obvious.

JK was likely thinking about this when he put in a bunch of qualifiers about the deli. first off, JK explained that he's vegetarian (i raised my eyebrows at this...JK is a relatively new friend so i'm learning all sorts of things about him...what a novelty) and that he gets basically one thing and that one of the things he likes about it is that he doesn't make that much money and he likes being able to buy lunch everyday. i always find it interesting how sometimes our experience with food is not just taste....even the folks that don't consider themselves "foodies". well, with that ringing endorsement, i decided to forgo going to JK's everyday spot today but i'll probably pay it a visit before i leave berkeley. just to see why he goes there almost everyday. i am inquisitive like that.

but i really wasn't in the right mood to go there today. i was in the mood for something pretty bad for me. not bad as in bad food per se...more like "bad" in terms of not exactly healthy. so i paid a visit to the newest burger meister outlet that has opened downtown and thought about how a burger with cheese, bacon, and avocado sounded good (hello! salt. meat. fat with more fat. yum.)

it definitely hit the spot and fit my mood.

it has been one of those days.

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