Thursday, April 8, 2010

have it my way

it is a bit odd to know that i have so much time before i "officially" move into my new place in the city. while it gives me enough time to methodically get rid of things that i don't need and don't want to move, it also makes the move seem a bit unreal since it will be a few weeks until i actually move.

yet, i'll get random reminders that this is really and truly happening. finally. one of the things i did in preparations for the move was order boxes online. finding out that it is possible to have moving boxes delivered is quite handy when one doesn't have a car. when the boxes of boxes arrived via fedex today, it provided a much needed visual reminder that yes, this move is really happening. i could feel my spirits raise a bit as i am very much looking forward to moving to the city once i return from my visit to the uk.

as i dragged the boxes up multiple flights of stairs, i thought "i am definitely not going to miss the lack of elevator". then i hear this voice say "do you want some help?" and it is one of my neighbors. unfortunately, it is the neighbor where my apartment's bathroom window faces his....the guy that seems to have a tendency for jacking off in his bathroom so i often keep my bathroom door closed. if you think that is TMI, you try living next door. my reply? "no thanks." then as i reach my door, he decides that he feels inclined to scold me and say "you should have let me help you." i indicate that it wasn't heavy and give him the "fuck off" look which translates well in multiple languages and doesn't require a star-trek-like universal translator.

i mean, it is one thing to offer and all, but if you try to tell me what to do...well....especially when i don't like you very much politeness only goes so far before my tolerance goes away and i have no problem telling you to fuck off....either verbally or otherwise. not exactly one of my strengths.

after that little episode, i decide that it is probably a good idea for me to make my lunch....which was a rather late lunch. i decided to make lunch using the ingredients i had just gotten from the farmers market....especially the pretzel croissant from octoberfeast.

i do love these croissants. i decided to make a variation of an egg sandwich....a rather decadent egg sandwich.

so i split open the croissant and popped it into the oven to warm it up a bit. then i cracked open a couple of riverdog farm eggs,

added some chopped green onion,

"whisked it" with a pair of chop sticks,

and added it to a hot pan that already had kalamata olive oil and chili flakes sizzling away.

once the fried egg was done.....

i folded it over and placed it on top of the warmed croissant....

added some mayo for even more decadence.....

and hmmmmm... doesn't it look so good?

but i thought..."something is missing".....then it hit me..."PICKLES!" i had almost forgotten that i had pickles in the fridge, so i scooped out a generous portion of pickles.

hmmmmm, it was quick, delicious....and just way i wanted it.


Su-Lin said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You've created a massive craving in me for that sandwich!

foodie hunter said...

hee hee hee. it is only fair since your postings make me wish that i lived in london! ;)