Sunday, April 11, 2010

jasmine tea infused truffles

it would have been great if this weekend was the extended holiday weekend. i'm really not looking forward to going back to work in a few hours. i can hear the beginnings of a thunderstorm happening outside of my window. i do love thunderstorms though. i love being inside and hearing the pounding rain outside....and the booms that happen here and there. to be clear, i only love thunderstorms when i am warm, inside, not flying anywhere, and the power is fully functional. i'm not so thrilled with thunderstorms when i am in plane or outside or rooting around for candles. in a few minutes it will be my birthday.

my oh my has so much happened over the past year......and the majority of it was unpredictable. i'll be embarking on a new adventure quite soon with moving into the city in a few weeks. so perhaps, i'll be writing something similar next know....about the amount of change that has occurred. yet, what i am hoping for that by this time next year....the majority of changes will be those that i have instigated or driven. i suppose we will see.

yet, i am not the only one that has a birthday in april. the heart sister's birthday is in april as well. for her birthday this year, i made some jasmine tea infused dark chocolate truffles. the heart sister is the only loved one that loves tea infused i set aside some time to figure out how to make these for her.

i started out with some jasmine tea bags from mighty leaf. i do love their teas quite a bit and i know that she does as well.

as you can see from the color, the tea that i brewed for the chocolate was quite strong.

then when i melted the chocolate.....not only did i have the water a bit hotter than normal, i also noticed (unsurprisingly) that adding about 8 teaspoons of the strongly brewed tea changed the consistency of the melted chocolate. it was interesting to see the change in the texture.

then i rolled the warm chocolate into balls with my hands and chilled the balls for about 10 minutes in the fridge.

once they were cool and firm....

i rolled them around in quite a bit of unsweetened cacao powder.

what is interesting about these truffles is that there are 3 distinct tastes. the first being the bitterness of the unsweetened cacao powder, then the smooth concentrated dark chocolate flavor, and then the final and lingering taste is the jasmine tea. these truffles are not for i made them specifically for the heart sister's palate.

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