Friday, April 30, 2010

a pastry break

i love the fact that in less than a week from now i will be officially moved into my new place in the city.

i love just being able to type that.

i love thinking about it.

it makes me want to wiggle my boodie in my office chair like a total happy fool that i am.

no matter how tired i am from work craziness or packing, all i have to do is think about how i will soon be living in the city and i can't help but smile.

speaking of my soon-to-be new home, i'll be meeting up with the heart sister tonight in the city and it seems like she and the fam have been hit with some odd stomach virus which had almost all of them ill for at least a day or two. as they are all in different stages of being able to keep something down, it was a bit of challenge to think of an appropriate treat.

but alas, i can be quite resourceful on occasion and decided that this was yet another opportunity for me to hit octoberfeast bakery to grab some pretzel croissants....

which i think will go over pretty well and are also still quite good the day after. bready things are usually pretty appropriate when recovering from stomach sickness. so they can each have one depending where they are in the whole stomach virus thing. i also took this as an opportunity to get something for me as well. unfortunately, they were all out of reaper buns but they did have these almond croissant-like pastries on hand......

which i have been able to nosh on. i think octoberfeast's pretzel croissants will be one of the things that i will miss the most about berkeley.

you that i think about it....perhaps.... before i leave.... i should compile the foodie hunter's top spots in berkeley.

hmmm, that could be interesting.

hmmmm. something for me to think about.

anyway, well, break time over.....until later dear hearts...


octoberfeast bakery, 1954 university avenue (between bonita ave & milvia st), berkeley, ca 94704, +1 510 207 2320

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