Monday, April 26, 2010


after speaking with a few loved ones, i realized that i need to make a couple of clarifications regarding some of my cryptic postings recently re: my ruminations on losing faith in certain people and on people with very flexible moral compasses using their intelligence for evil.

to be clear, i'm not talking about anyone that i love and hang out with.

hopefully, this clears things up a bit.

yet, this doesn't mean that i am going to be any less cryptic.

it is a challenging balance to maintain in this blog....being open yet still ensuring that i am protecting myself. yet, i didn't intend to worry loved ones that i don't talk to 1:1. so rest assured, if we talk, see, and hang out 1:1 with each other, i'm not referring to you.

things seem quite "wack-a-doodle-doo" (i'm stealing an expression from DB here...) at the moment. there are quite a few things going on (yes, this is me being cryptic again). yet, when the culmination of things seem a bit overwhelming, i am reminded of what is really important. this has happened a couple of times over the past week. the first happened when the family dropped into berkeley a bit unexpectedly and we all hung out over burgers at oscar's. you would think that the smarty pants foodie hunter wouldn't need to be reminded on an ongoing basis of what is really important in life, but it is true. yet, i hope that i never reach a point where i don't recognize this or take what is truly important in life for granted.

another instance of being reminded about the important things in life occurred yesterday evening at the lamb roast.

isn't that just beautiful?

LM did a great job on the grill and is also a very talented musician. the music you hear in the background are sounds from "gypsy jive" which is a debut album from lou lou and the gypsy jivers.

although i was only able to attend the roast for a couple of hours, it was a reminder of how good it is to connect (albeit briefly sometimes) with loved ones over a wonderful meal. it also reminded me that i know some very talented people and how fortunate i am to know them.

there were so many homemade goodies to choose from. such as CK's homemade pita bread....yum yum....

and other goodies like homemade pickles and grilled onions....

and more....

do you see what i mean?

a delicious meal of so many homemade goodies to go with a tender and succulent is good to have a reminder or two about what is truly important in life, isn't it?


Victoria said...

Awesome video. Has Mr. L seen that?

foodie hunter said...

thanks! i think so... ;)