Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sakura matcha kitkat

over the weekend, i needed to do a few things at my new place in the city and i decided to take a walk around the area of my new place.....heading more in the polk street direction rather than the filmore direction. as i was taking my wander down vallejo toward polk and i came across the candy store. as i have a rather ginormous sweet tooth, i was intrigued by this candy boutique. as i walked in, i was immediately drawn to the dark chocolate kitkats from england.

"SCORE!" i thought to myself.

i buy dark chocolate kitkats every time i visit the uk and very carefully dispense them among loved ones. i must admit that i'm not a big US kitkat fan, but i am definitely a fan of two uk versions: the dark chocolate and the orange dark chocolate flavors...because, well, they actually taste like chocolate. i've also never gotten that sugar granules texture left on my tongue from uk kitkats that i get from US kitkats...or well, the last time i had US kitkats anyway.

the gal behind the counter noticed my purchase and enthusiasm about the uk kitkats and pointed to the green tea kitkats. i had heard of them in the twitterverse and blogsphere but i had never seen them in person. heck, why not try them? so i bought the green tea kitkat as well.

as things have been quite crazy at work over the past few days, it wasn't until today that i decided to try it. it is a rather dreary day and i thought it would be a good time to try the matcha kitkat.

the japanese really know how to do packaging....that is for certain.

when i popped a small section into my mouth and just let it melt......

i was surprised. the first thought that came to mind as it melted was "hmmm....white chocolate" and then i noticed a very subtle tea flavor......there was this other flavor at the end that i couldn't name....but it definitely was not tea. it almost reminded me of the sweetness of red beans. my surprise was that the kitkat didn't have a sole and primary green tea flavor. this definitely peaked my curiosity, so i went to the internet.

i love the internet.

one of the things i noticed after doing a search was that the matcha kitkats have different packaging that does not look like the packaging that i have. after a bit of further digging online, i realized that i had purchased the sakura (cherry blossom) matcha kitkat. i remember that there was a paper place card next to the kitkats in the candy store...but did i read it? nope. i'm guessing that is what the place card said....but as i didn't read it, i don't know for certain. yet it makes sense doesn't it? especially with the cherry blossom festival that was happening last weekend, it seemed quite appropriate that these kitkats would be making the rounds.

mystery solved!

well, i better get back to some of my projects. yet, i can't wait until i move into my new 'hood and do even more exploring. i love how i just wandered around and came across this candy boutique.....i have a feeling that i'm going to be regular at the candy store.

until later dear hearts...


the candy store, 1507 vallejo street, san francisco, ca, 94109, ph: +1 415-921-8000,

UPDATE: thanks much to @cheapskate2009! @cheapskate2009 tweeted 'the sign at The Candy Store said: "matcha green tea kit kat bars Japan $4 ea"'. good to know what the sign actually said! yet, dear hearts, i'm pretty certain that this variation is the sakura matcha flavor.

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yummy~ i need to go get some!