Sunday, May 16, 2010

asian heritage street celebration

yesterday was a jammed pack day.

my first stop was the asian heritage street celebration that took place in the civic center area in front of the asian art museum, the sf public library, and through "little saigon" on larkin street.

i took some time to wander around and take in the scene....

which included folks of all ages and actually, of many ethnicities.

one of the folks that i was immediately on the lookout for was socola, the chocolatier who i have been tracking from afar since i saw them at the 2009 chocolate salon. i still remember their infectious passion that day and smile when i see their wares at places such my local whole foods or when friends buy me boxes of their goodies. the best friend recently bought me a box, but i also wanted to drop by their booth ....

and ended up buying the vietnamese coffee truffle (which i already knew that i liked).

still lovely and still yummy. no surprises there. i also noticed that they have the polished pitches down pat. good for them....and i look forward to seeing their continued success from afar.

then after a bit of scouting out the food booths, i decided to pay a visit to the burmese youth association booth to try some of there burmese sweets:

i find that the best way to figure out how food should really taste like is to visit these sort of booths....that often have home cooks making it....

to be honest, i have don't know what any of them were/are but since when has that stopped me from trying something? i think one of them was a cassava cake and the yellow one was a semolina sort of cake (which was my fave of the bunch).

as i walked around noshing on my sweets, i saw people eyeballing what i was eating and i would just smile. food makes me happy and i have been told that i appear remarkably more approachable when i am at these food-oriented events. surprising and not surprising i suppose.

then i stopped by one of the booths serving filipino food which is a genre of food i know very little about....

but doesn't these stuff look intriguing?

there is actually a vietnamese dish that is very similar to this....

but i don't know the name of it. i love seeing things like that.

i ended up getting the noodles and the adobo chicken. meat on the bone is something i have a tendency to gravitate toward. after noshing on that for a bit, i walked through the festival and saw the kara's cupcake van.

how convenient.

i dislike going to the marina and if i can get my fleur del sel cupcake fix without having to step my big toe in that neighborhood, then that makes me a very foodie hunter.

at this point, you'd think i'd be done right?


then i saw the bombay ice cream and chaat booth.

i've always wanted to stop by bombay ice cream in the mission and it is on my list of "to visit" places so i sucked it up and thought to myself "i must have a special separate dessert stomach" so i went to the bombay ice cream folks and ordered up myself some rose petal ice cream.

which was pretty delish...yet, i understand that not everyone is into rose petals in their ice cream....but for me, it was pretty great.

then imagine my dismay when i saw that koren bbq truck was there!

i love their korean tacos.

but alas, i was stuffed. my body completely rebelled at the thought of putting more food in matter how yummy i knew it was going to be.

in fact i was stuffed for such a long time on saturday that i didn't even eat the yummy gob that i bought from gobba gobba hey yesterday at the ritual coffee thingy

until this afternoon. i'm glad i waited to eat it because i don't think i could have appropriately appreciated it yesterday. so i had it this afternoon with my tea as i prepped the pics from yesterday.

as i look back on the day yesterday, i must was just a really great day.

life is good.

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