Sunday, May 9, 2010


it is done.

the move is complete and i am in my new home in the city.

for reals.

in between the unpacking and completing things for the move, i stopped into the saturday farmers market at the sf ferry building yesterday. i loved getting there early so i could actually shop with determination and not side-step so many slow moving lookie-loos. i visited some stalls that i have loved for quite some time, including tierra, knoll, dirty girl, and heirloom organic well as grabbing some upstairs bread from acme and stopping by a couple of "new to me" stalls. i have a feeling that my saturday morning ritual will be at the farmers market at the sf ferry building. i know that it is the food geek in me that was absolutely thrilled with how i was able to obtain a bunch of wonderfully yummy things and still have time to stop off at 4505 meats to try their version of pig in blanket for breakfast....

it is a maple sausage wrapped in a brioche topped with seeds. yes, i am bad, i didn't write down or take a pic of the menu so that i could tell you, dear reader, exactly what it consists of....but i think it is pretty safe to describe it as their version of pigs in a blanket.

after i polished off my breakfast while looking out on the bay, i scurried home to continue my odyssey of unpacking and settling into my new place. yet, i did take a few moments to enjoy and take pictures of the bounty i bought at the farmers market....

isn't this just beautiful?

just lovely.

i love living here.

i loved the way the aromas of the bounty filled my kitchen........aromas from the lavender, green garlic, bread, and dirty girl strawberries......some how..... were weaved together that made my new place smell and feel like it was whispering "welcome home" to me.

it seemed appropriate that the first real meal that i made for myself in my new home was from bounty from the farmers market.

i washed and prepped the wild arugula that i bought from heirloom organic gardens.....

then prepped the dirty girl strawberries (my ultimate favorite purveyor of strawberries and tomatoes btw)....

not to mention snacking on some of the tasty purple-ish carrots i bought at star route farms while i was prepping the salad. ummm, hello, snacking while cooking is totally a cook's prerogative.

anyway, then i removed some of the strawberry fruit from the tops of the strawberries to use as a base of the dressing. i crushed these small strawberry pieces, then added some balsamic and mcevoy extra virgin olive oil, cayenne, maldon sea salt, and honey...

then, i mixed the dressing quite thoroughly. the honey seems to help it emulsify. then i added the dressing to the prepped wild arugula....tossing it.

then, this is a matter of personal preference, i added the dirty girl strawberry pieces on top.

i like how sometimes i can taste pure strawberry and other times i would have the combo of tastes of strawberry, balsamic, and arugula. this is one of the benefits of making things like this at this salad was definitely made for my palate....very peppery, spicy, sweet, sour, and bold.

there is nothing subtle about this salad and it was just what i was in the mood for.

i love being home.

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