Sunday, May 16, 2010

growth happens

i had an absolutely lovely day and evening.

it is nice to know that it is almost 1am and i'm not up because i was working on a project...but rather because i've had a lovely day filled visits to the asian heritage festival, the ritual coffee 5th anniversary thingy, some tromping around SoMa in general, and ending the evening with enjoying a steampunk interpretation of hamlet.

i'm going to need some time to process the pics, but i thought i'd share two of them with you before i hit the sheets.

yes, those are really plants growing in the sewer.

amazing isn't it? that amidst all of that crap and such (in the 'loin no less) that plants find a way to grow and flourish. i'm willing to bet that if the city doesn't trim them appropriately that they will grow outside of the confines of that metal grating. those that know me well will understand why i find this so interesting.

the second image and top image was taken in SoMa on the way to ritual.

again, some food for thought.

sometimes things are right in front of us and it is rather amazing how we sometimes don't see them until we need to....or are open to it.

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