Sunday, May 23, 2010

manchester rituals

location: manchester, england
location time: almost 9pm
local date: sunday, 23rd of may

i made it to manchester.

after i arrived, i proceeded to go through my rituals of gathering some sweeties for the office mates as well as snacks that i haven't tried before. sometimes i like what i try and sometimes i don't. it was actually on my way back to my hotel that i saw these international "crisps" (i.e., potato chips) in a vending machine (see top pic). i was already loaded down with the sweeties, snacks, beverages, and my obligatory fashion magazine (which i read while soaking in a bath ...another must-do post-travel ritual).

one of the snacks that i liked this afternoon are these crisps by phileas fogg called "sea salt & indonesian black peppercorn".

it is real pepper and does not taste artificial.

i think if i see some of the other flavors in their line, i'll give them a shot.

i also wanted to share something non-food related. i notice that in the uk, quite a few of the fashion magazines have product giveaways bundled with their mags. in this case, it was a canvas bag by alice temperley. i do love her dresses. while i will be taking the bag home with me, i do wonder if i will be using it. at first i thought it is a great size for random things that one buys at a grocery store or small things at a farmers market.....

but then i realized that folks may be a wee taken aback from the design, especially if it is first thing in the morning at the sf ferry building market for example.

well, i think i am off to bed. my first meeting stats at 7am tomorrow. oh joy.



Su-Lin said...

Those international crisps are a limited edition thing for the World Cup. I've only tried the cheeseburger one... and just like someone else said on Twitter, I think they taste like a McDonald's cheeseburger!!!

foodie hunter said...

that is good to know! thanks much for the insight! i did think it was odd that i hadn't seen them before, but it has been about 4 months since i've been in the uk.