Monday, May 31, 2010

moments of awakeness


i am still a bit spacey from my accumulated tiredness and jet lagness. yes, i know i just made up a word or term. i do that a lot. being tired, spacey, or just being the regular me....making up words is one of the benefits of self-publishing. i've also stayed away from the computer quite a bit for the past couple of days. again, probably a reaction and needing a break away from many things. i can feel my body telling me that it is time to recover from the onslaught of travel and various stressors of the past couple of weeks.

sometimes while i have been awake over the past few days, i didn't/don't even know for certain if i am truly awake. yes, i am walking around and experiencing, feeling, and sensing things....but sometimes it feels like i am truly not awake. i'll pop out to a market or bakery to stock up on a couple of things, then have a nap, then get up to run another errand, and then come back home to sleep for a bit. it makes for an odd day or two since i've returned from the uk.

despite this sleepy awakeness, i did manage to try something new this week. i try to taste something new once a week. i don't always write about it because....well....sometimes i've tried some truly crappy things and hence, decide to not write about it. but my new thing this week wasn't crappy at all, it was quite good. i tried these whole wheat croissants from la boulange.

yes. i know. la boulange is a chain.

yes. i know. the words "whole wheat" and "croissants" are probably eliciting outraged reactions from croissant purists out there.

oh well.

if patisserie philippe was in my 'hood, then i would go there....which have croissants that remind me of the ones i had in the marais. but alas, patisserie philippe is not in my 'hood. so i recently dropped into the la boulange on pine (which i haven't been to in years) and took a look a around and saw these whole wheat croissants. i figured, hmmm...why not? so i ordered a couple of the croissants as well as their three seed baguette.

i munched on my warm three seed baguette while walking down filmore and thought it was tasty. (disclaimer, when i am eating a baguette in the bay area i don't think of it as a "baguette" but rather nice crusty bread or else i would only eat baguettes while i am in paris. yes, mind tricks like this do help with self-delusion and various attachments to food memories. no, i don't have to do that with croissants and no i don't understand why i don't have to. emotional food attachments make no sense and don't have to.) anyway, i waited until i was at home to try one of the whole wheat croissants and i was pleasantly surprised. the croissant was also good.

it was filled with airy light layers...with just a bit of chewiness.

hmmm. who knew? i have a feeling these will be on my regular rotation.

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