Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mornings at bob's

a friend of a friend once asked me how i find out about the places i visit and the foods that i eat in this blog. it is a culmination of a bunch of avenues....sometimes, if you're DB, you'll pepper me with a list of places that i should try throughout our hang out time. sometimes, i'll get emails, texts, calls, tweets, etc. from folks indicating that they just tried something or ate somewhere that they really liked. sometimes i'll just wander around and see where my intuition takes me. or sometimes, i'll just watch a crowd and see where a person or persons get really excited about visiting and then i'll follow/wander over to see what the source of the excitement is. yet, it was an unusual avenue that pointed me in the direction of bob's donuts on polk street. one of my favorite cartoonists, julia wertz, drew a panel of the shop in one of her paper volumes. since all of my books are still packed away, i can't tell you which one....but i remember thinking....i should try to find bob's donuts on polk.

so off i went this morning, in search for a donut. not the small italian bombs of epic deliciousness called bomboloni from the ferry building but rather traditional american donuts at a traditional non-fussy donut shop.

the lady was really nice. i must say that i'm pretty surprised by the niceness of shop folks on polk (considering the all kinds they have to deal with). so the wares i've tried from bob's donuts include a maple french cruller (which is prob my fave type of donut cause it is made with pate a choux dough), an apple paneria (sp?) and an apple fritter. there are no pics of the cruller because i ate it. it was delicious.

the apple bread thingy took a bit more figuring out.

it reminded me of a cinnamon bun topped with large chunks of apples and a sauce that reminded me of the kind of sauce you get inside an apple pie.

this is not light.

then after i dove into the fritter, i realized that the apple paneria (sp?) is an apple fritter dough that has been topped with apples mixed with thick apple pie like jelly and baked. yet, the frying of the dough created a much lighter fritter bread than the paneria. the apple fritter was very yummy....

it wasn't too heavy. the outside was crispy and caramelized while the inside was soft, light, and bread-like.

this is the best apple fritter that i've had to date.

the business part of my brain predicted that they could sell these things for about $5 a pop if they were at a more upscale location or outlet (which i suppose they would have to given overhead costs). then the cynical part of me is willing to bet that some sf boutique-y place has already figured that out and buys from bob's and then prob turns around and sells them for $5-6.

overall, i can see why an artist would draw a panel of this unassuming donut shop on polk. it is definitely worth a visit. i have a feeling that there will be many mornings at bob's in my future.

bob's donuts, 1621 polk street, (between sacramento & clay) san francisco, ca 94109, phone +1 415 776 3141


mr. pineapple man said...

looks heavenly..loving your photos!

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