Thursday, May 13, 2010

not home yet

many many moons ago when i was an intern at a non-profit international affairs company, i worked near the crocker galleria. i remember feeling very grown up as i got off the train and trundled to the organization's office in san francisco's financial district.

at the time, crocker galleria was a place that i would walk by but not pay much attention to because 1) the clothing stores were absolutely positively not in the price range of an intern working at a non-profit international affairs organization 2) i rarely saw anyone hanging out there.

it was like a rich dead zone.

admittedly, it stayed that way in my memory. as the years went on, if i was in the financial district doing business, i sure as heck wasn't peering around but more focused on what my meeting(s) were going to be at the various high rises. the closest i would come to really looking around the financial district would be on a weekend where one really just goes through the financial district to get elsewhere...unless one is looking for a specific store like fiona's sweetshoppe or something like that. yet, today i had to quickly drop into the financial district to run an errand and i happened to walk by the crocker galleria located at post and montgomery and was rather amazed at the hustle and bustle at the galleria.....and immediately saw stands of produce.

i didn't have any time to peruse or shop but i did take a few bird-eye shots....

in about 5 min tops....

but it definitely got me intrigued about the market. especially once i realized as i was leaving that happy boy farms has a stand here. i didn't take a pic of their stand as i had already packed away my camera and was in a bit of a rush to complete my errand and get back to work. yet, i think most of you know dear hearts that happy boy farms is a vendor that i purchased regularly from for years at the berkeley farmers' to see that i would still have access to their wares, definitely made me smile.

as i settle into learning more about the city i was born in.....with an odd mixture of new and old eyes....i am delighted to find that there seems to be a farmers' market almost every day of the week. there is so much to learn about this city.

i want this to be my city.

yet there is still this part of me that hasn't quite settled in. i still feel a bit like a visitor. it feels like i feel when i visit london or another place for a week or so. it feels like i am visiting really. while i was talking about this with a loved one from nyc today who also travels quite a bit for work....and he said "it isn't home yet."

kind of facinating how someone else can pin point what you are feeling in a single short sentence.

farmers market at crocker galleria: thursdays, about 20 vendors (including happy boy farms!), 11-3pm, location at 50 post street (between kearny and montgomery), near montgomery station,

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