Tuesday, May 11, 2010

quick visit to tuesday's market

today i was determined to take advantage of living in the city. i knew that the tuesday farmers' market was happening at the ferry building and i haven't been to that the tuesday market...in years. i absolutely intend to scope out quite a few of the local farmers' markets in order to get a sense of what my market schedule is going to be like...and who i want to visit on what days.

i love writing that.

i love how excited i get about trying to figure out my market schedule.

i am unabashedly happy in my food geekiness.

with my goal of visiting the ferry building during lunch time, my morning meetings seemed to fly by and i ate a rather unusual late breakfast of leftover nettle soup topped with some mcevoy extra virgin olive oil. i was quite pleased with that experiment btw. the olive oil was an excellent accompaniment.

i had no intention of going to the market hungry as i wanted this to be more of a scoping mission than buying or eating mission. it is quite interesting how having something to look forward to makes almost 5 hours fly by. so about noonish i caught the bus toward downtown.....

and took a wander around the substantially smaller farmers' market (when compared to saturday) but still very interesting market. it also allowed me to scope out some of the permanent stalls as well without dodging so many tourists. while i wasn't planning on buying anything, i did end up buying these pimientos de padron from happy quail farms.

i will probably be frying these as a snack for myself to pair with some beer over the next couple of days. doesn't that sound lovely?

i decided that since i was already at the ferry building that i should also stop by a blue bottle kiosk to pick up some beans for myself and a loved one from nyc that i'll be having dinner with on thursday....

and i also impulsively decided to get a cup of drip coffee as well. despite noshing on the hearty nettle soup before i arrived at the market, i was i the mood for a snack. yet, i wasn't inspired by anything savory to have with my newly acquired coffee. then it hit me! of course, i could have a bomboloni!

so i did....a raspberry filled one.

this is a good life to have.

i am very fortunate.

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