Thursday, May 6, 2010


i am sore.

the last few days have been getting two projects done for work as well as finishing up the packing. the movers are scheduled to arrive in about 8 hours or so. the only things that still need to be packed are the pillows, sheets, and blankets i am on top of at the moment.

i'll stuff those into a bag before the movers come.

i was thinking about the move, naturally, when i took a break for an early dinner today. i ended up grabbing a burger at oscar's....

and kept thinking to myself "it is almost really is almost here."

i will probably feel truly moved in once i clean out this berkeley apartment. it has been a bit surreal the last couple of weeks....ferrying back and forth between berkeley and the city.....staying at my place in the city in order to get things properly set up and such.....then sleeping in berekely as well. during this ferrying back and forth....i feel these snippets of emotions that hint to how different life is going to be.

i suppose that is what happens when the foodie hunter obtains a dream....there are moments when the foodie hunter asks this really happening? i suppose so. hmmmm. i suppose so.

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