Friday, May 14, 2010

spoon fed at il cane rosso

this morning was not an easy morning.

after a couple of pseudo and real work-oriented fires to deal with, building plumbing issues in the midst of my dealing with said work fires, and trying to keep the pets from bolting through the front door as the plumbers needed to come to/from my was a very chaotic morning....and all of this was before 8 am this morning.

so by the time noonish came around and the plumber saying that i may have to be without a shower for 3 days, i was quite ready to leave my place to get away from everything and clear my head a bit.

i decided to head downtown as i wanted to see if there were still free tickets left to see "i'm here" at the embarcadero center theatre (yes, there were) as well as stop into book passage in the ferry building to buy a copy of kim severson's "spoon fed".

i've been wanting to buy a copy of her book for a while....yet, i wanted to ensure that i bought it at an indie bookstore rather than amazon or one of the major chain stores. i am still mourning the loss of my much beloved stacey's bookstore and try to make a conscious effort to purchase books from indies. it also helped that today is pay day and money-wise, i'm having to keep a close eye on the wallet given all of the costs involved with the move. yet, i wanted a treat and in the foodie hunter world, a book is always a good treat. also, knowing that it was pay day, i thought i could also treat myself to lunch at the ferry building. i knew exactly where i wanted to visit and that was il cane rosso. i've been wanting to visit il cane rosso since it opened and i hadn't had the right opportunity until today.

while i was standing in line to order, i noticed that it was pretty packed with people ordering things to go. no surprises there. i also noticed that the space is casual, warm, and comforting.

although it was a bit cool outside, i decided to order my beef brisket sandwich "for here" and eat it outside. i still needed to unwind from my chaotic morning and sat down to begin reading "spoon fed" while sipping on my flavored sparkling water.

after my food was delivered, i noticed right away that the sandwich seemed made for my palate. there seemed to be a "just right" balance between meat, veg, and bread.

i must confess that i traditionally stay away from ordering sandwiches in the US because of the trend of over stuffing them with so much meat and using such on flimsy (and quickly soggy) bread that the eater needs directions on how to eat it....or ends up eating it with a knife and fork.

for me, i like my sandwich to display the quality of each ingredient....and the bread is just as important as the other ingredients. i know that my perspective is not i'm not exactly the norm....which is why i typically only make sandwiches for me at home, order banh mi at certain vietnamese places, or eat them at cafes when i'm in paris....i love the open faced sandwiches in paris.

yet, after taking a bite of the il cane rosso beef brisket sandwich i could feel my spirits lift.

the meat was well-seasoned, succulent and tender. there was a slight bite from the greens which complemented the meat nicely.... and the bread....the bread was warm crusty and just lovely. i could taste each ingredient and it was just what i needed. it was comfort and nourishment for the body and the taste buds.

it was oh so delicious and i enjoyed every single bite.

my day just got a lot better.

il cane rosso, one ferry building, # 41, san francisco, ca 94111, P (415) 391-7599, F (415) 391-7577,, ,

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