Sunday, May 23, 2010

stop over in heathrow

local date: sunday, 23rd of may

location: heathrow airport

local time: 1:50pm

i am lounging at the lounge. completely jet lagged and exhausted. i had a feeling it was going to be one of "those" trips once i landed in denver to make my connection to heathrow. there were lots of winds and thunderstorms around the middle of north america which made for a very bumpy ride. i kept thinking the turbulence would temper out once we were out of the storms, but then for some odd reason we kept running into it over the next 8 hours or is quite an extended time to be on edge. i, of course, thought much of loved ones during this time. i'll probably speak or write more about that later...when i am not so exhausted.

my next flight out to manchester doesn't leave for a few more hours so i may be taking a nap here in a few minutes. perhaps this exhaustion led to poor decisions on my part as well. i thought that i could quickly drink a bailey's on the rocks and that it would "put me out" so that i could sleep during the turbulence.

now, given that my tolerance for alcohol is pretty slim, i found out within a couple of hours that this wasn't going to work. i thought it would as i drifted off to sleep. but then one of the passengers walking down the aisle kicked me when they walked by which woke me up. then it was odd. i started to feel ill. so thankfully, as i was pretty close to the restroom i was able to get there in time. so much for the alcohol induced sleep plan. being ill in an airplane restroom is rather unpleasant.

that so didn't work out.

yet i was very glad when we landed in heathrow and i was able to make my way to the lounge. one can spread out, be on the computer, be hydrated, fed....

and there are even shower rooms in this lounge. i've never used them but understand the benefits of them.

well, i think i really will take advantage of the lounge emptying out a bit to take a nap on one of the larger chairs. unfortunately, this means giving up access to one of the only power outlets.

until later dear hearts,


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Victoria said...

Ooh. Sorry. Not so fun.