Thursday, June 3, 2010

bite me softly


sometimes the best way to discover the exit from a bad mood is to be bitten....maybe more than being bitten may be a slight stimulating reminder that there are other things to life....other things than people who display boundless incompetence. being bitten may remind you (or in this case "me" aka the foodie hunter) to let go of the anger.

i'm not certain how i knew that i needed to be first softly and then much harder....but i just did. at the end of the workday and being in an increasingly crabby ass mood, i logged into some of my social media channels and read through the day's tweets on my twitter. i saw that humphry slocombe put their strawberry szechuan sorbet in rotation today and decided to make my way down to the mission to try it.

as i made my familiar trek down 24th street toward harrison, i thought to myself "it has been too long. why haven't i come here sooner?" thankfully, i think i arrived at an "in between" time so it wasn't crowded and i quickly tried the strawberry szechuan (subtle: sweet with a soft bite) and the thai chili lime sorbet (tangy sweet and definitely not a subtle bite....more like a chomp really).

the perfect flavors for my mood.

i asked for the strawberry szechuan strawberry on top as i wanted to savor the softer flavor first before diving into the thai chili lime. this is a lovely favor.....

the soft bite of the pepper is a lovely complement to the strawberry.

i could really taste both flavors with neither being the primary focus. i could feel my inner crabbiness begin to be soothed after i finished the flavor.

then, i started into the thai chili lime sorbet. this is a flavor that bites you hard. in a very good and yummy way. if you like sweet tangy spicy flavors (which i adore) then you will love this flavor.

hmmmmmmmm. after i finished off my cup of sorbet, my crabbiness was a distant memory.

some folks turn to beer, spirits, and various other recreational substances to be soothed. yet, for me, i'm all about the sorbets and ice creams....especially when they are from humphry slocombe.

humphry slocombe, 2790 harrison street, san francisco, ca 94080, +1 (415) 550-6971,,|_Home_|.html

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