Friday, June 25, 2010


it has been quite an educational experience.

i've just got out of the bath and am mentally re-visiting my recent visit to a local sports bar.

yes, dear read those words correctly....the foodie hunter was in a sports bar. the foodie hunter ate nachos that consisted of thin crunchy chips and melted not-cheese product. not only was the foodie hunter in a sports bar, but i was there with a bunch of blokes. i was drinking soda water with lime (unshocking) and they were not (again unshocking). i bet i could have looked down at my watch and have seen that it had been 3 minutes and 33 seconds before the first reference to morning wood came up.

naturally, this was just a warm up.

then i proceeded to obtain my first multi-component lecture about the pros and cons of various popular prostitution areas in thailand vs shenzen. there was much detail about how to obtain appropriate services and in-depth comparisons regarding the various sales pitches that would occur. it seems that there is much controversy on the subject.

i learned that when i bring up how asiaSF has great gender illusionists whose bodies are quite lovely, supple, and how difficult it is to tell that they are men.....and be sincere in my wonderment and admiration for that (one of my favorite bday celebrations i've had occurred at asiaSF).....the discussion will not return to strippers for the rest of the evening. this is a free tip btw.

then, i had my suspicions reconfirmed that straight men are probably the most catty people of my acquaintance. i heard all sorts of these blokes' thoughts regarding mutual male acquaintances' weight, clothes, shoes, driving styles, sexual relationships with specific known and unknown individuals, broken hearts, lack of courage approaching women, and the purchase of sexual services on various business trips as they cheated on their significant others. to be fair, one of the blokes mentioned how he when he saw the cheating going on, he couldn't believe that those male acquaintances were risking bringing in disease into their marriage bed and could not see himself cheating and, you know what? i believed him.

the piece de la resistance though was the evidence pointing to men's obsession with breasts being expanded beyond women's breasts. i am well aware of men's fascination with women's breasts. what i didn't realize was that straight men could be so obsessed with "man boobs" and feel so free to caress and tweak their own as well as each others' breasts in a sports bar.

i've also learned that some blokes, despite being on their 5th+ beer, are quite protective if another member of the group decides to turn their sites on me. i've learned that i can actually be ok with this protectiveness. shocking! since when have i been ok with someone else doing something for me that i know that i can do myself? i don't know, but that was pretty shocking for me. it also makes for an interesting dynamic considering the various conversations that occurred before and after this.

i've also learned that some blokes, even on short acquaintance, seem to instinctively know certain things about me. for example, when one bloke asked me "why do women go for the burly men that are dumb as brick?", i was actually rather taken aback by that question than anything else i had heard that evening.

i mean, this is ME, who has not in her entire history of dating has gone down that route.

then another bloke pipped in, "you are asking the wrong girl about that one." then, in what was probably the most serious part of the evening, i reiterated, "i wouldn't know about that."

because, i think we all know dear hearts, that despite all of the well visible foodie hunter faults....i've never fallen for the burly type. perhaps a man with a burly sense of justice, a burly heart, and a burly brain....but not burly brawn.


Laurie said...

I love your pics of food, and I love that you even TAKE pics of food :) I do the same thing myself, and take a bit of teasing for it. Been reading your back posts for a while this morning and thoroughly enjoying them. It's refreshing to read a smart woman's thoughts.

I DO go for burly, but not "dumb as bricks"... Burly wiht a Big Heart is more my type.

foodie hunter said...

hi laurie,

thank you for your kind words!

i usually get funny looks from folks when i take pics of food. there is only a very small group of people that know that i post the pics to the blog and often times they think i'm just odd. yet, i love i keep doing it.

thanks again.