Saturday, June 5, 2010


i'm winding down for the evening.

the wedding and reception were lovely. i must admit that i could feel myself tearing up a bit during the best man's toast which was very heart felt and very real. a lot of thought and care went into this celebration and i can only imagine the hundreds and hundreds of details that must have been attended to. it was definitely an evening to remember. i feel very honored to have been invited.

now that it is over, i am sitting on the bed in my hotel, just processing the last couple of days. i had no idea until i arrived at the hotel that i have actually been here before. a lover once took me here for a surprise weekend treat. yet, at that time it was called something different. as a result, the name of the hotel didn't prompt me to remember that i had actually been a guest before. also, as the lover made the arrangements i didn't have the actual address imprinted in my memory either. yet, of all of the hotels in this area.....i ended up at this one. this is quite a coincidence. yet, that too was a lovely weekend. my lover and i hardly left our cottage during our stay. we'd pretty much just pop out to grab snacks and beverages. then we spent the majority of the weekend talking and such until the wee hours in the morning....and sleeping late. it was probably one of the best moments during our time together.

perhaps the coincidence was a way of the gawds reminding me of how fortunate i have been in this life.... to have experienced moments of happiness, contentment, as well as many aspects of love.

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