Monday, June 21, 2010

from over 30,000 feet

maybe i'll add a picture later. this is a bit of a novelty, i'm blogging from my flight. this is the first time that i'm on a plane that has wifi (it is $12.95 for the flight). i'm not certain if this is a good thing or bad be able to be able to blog from the plane.

it is good if you need to get work done, communicate with colleagues, or loved ones. it is not so good as sometimes when the more stressful moments like turbulence and such hit, it can be a bird's eye view of all of the neurosis that may occur. i have never been a fan of flying. i look at flying as something that is necessary in order to get from point A to point B. my reactions to turbulence really vary depending on the flight and how tired i am. if i am super tired, i hope to have a doze through opposed to feeling my pulse spike and jolt every time there is a significant bump or shake. i get annoyed at myself for the spikes in my pulse and the feeling of fear.

we are over central arkansas at the moment and the captain has asked that we stay seated due to the bumpy air. what is going through my mind at this second is that i am thinking about everyone that i care about. it is sort of my mantra i repeat to myself with images in my mind or things i say to myself. i remind myself that each person that i love dearly, knows that i love them. this helps.

it is rather morbid and pragmatic at the same time. if anything happens, i want my last thoughts to be of those that i love and care for.

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