Wednesday, June 2, 2010

goodies from nijiya market

my mood hasn't exactly been the best the past few days.

i decided that i needed to step away from work, the computer, and get outside. the weather is a bit odd in the city. there are random moments of sunshine in between moments of fog. the randomness seems to fit my mood. for my break i decided to take a wander around nijiya market. i didn't have an agenda. i just slowly wandered around looking at various shelves and picking up random things.

i love this market.

i love stepping into an unfamiliar market where i don't recognize a good 60% of the products....where i have to really look at the products.... and where i always leave wishing that i could have bought more.

you know what i really love right now? i really love that i can walk home from nijiya market. it means that i can go to nijiya market really really really often.

this does wonders for my mood.

nijiya market, 1737 post street, san francisco, ca 94115 + 1 415 563 1901

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