Tuesday, June 8, 2010

graduated hawtness

for my break today i decided to head into the 'loin to try out this place i saw come across my twitter and pick up a few things at hiep thanh market. as i walked into the little saigon cafe (which is very tiny btw...and clean) one thing you can't miss is that there is a white guy working there. ummm, talk about something one does not see everyday. i figure that if he's associated with this place, i'm not going to order "the spicy beef noodle soup" (which is a total misnomer in so many ways...given the amount of pork in the soup but whatever...it is the usual english way to describe the soup) but the "bun bo hue". i settled down on my seat and waited for the food to arrive.

once the soup arrived, i set about making my modifications.

just one of the things i love about vietnamese food is the amount of personal customization that can be done for each dish. you add stuff to make it perfect, just for you. in this case, i added a hella lot of chili oil.....

and then asked the guy for some shrimp paste.

so that it ended up looking like the top picture when i was done.

big difference huh? it went from not spicy to spicy pretty quick.

after finishing up my soup, i took a quick walk to hiep thanh to pick up a few things, and noticed a cute guy talking on his phone just outside of the market, holding a basket. as i wandered around the market, thinking about what sort of condiments, pastes, and spices i wanted to get.....i heard a guy talking to the butcher about the oxtails. he was pretty enthusiastic about the oxtails. now THAT got my attention....head swivel included.

he pretty much graduated from a cutie to hawt right in that second. i know, i am such a food dork. then when he decides to pass through the aisle i am in a couple of times while politely say excuse me each time....i make room for him each time and respond with "no worries" but i kept my eyes firmly on my basket. being short has benefits. the basket is relatively close to my face. yeah, i know. this just makes me a dork. sigh. more socially savvy people would have made eye contact and perhaps added a flirtatious smile. but.....noooooooooo.....not the foodie hunter.

this is me. i can manage teams.
i can manage millions of dollars worth of product from idea inception to market. i can negotiate complex strategic alliance and other types of contracts. i can coach high strung extremely intelligent talent out of the tree or from the edge. i can give presentations on strategy, market intelligence, and analysis in front of hundreds of people or "c" level execs with confidence. i can do the business networking thing at events in various countries.

but i can't make eye contact or smile at a guy i think is cute in my hometown. sigh.

oh well.

i'm going to go eat my tamarind candy now.

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