Thursday, June 17, 2010

hapa ramen

despite the fact that i had "red lettered" the opening of hapa ramen in the ferry building on my calendar, i almost didn't go this morning. i'm still feeling the effects of this cold or whatever it is that i caught in vegas. i wasn't quite certain if i was in the correct state of mind to be visiting the ferry building. one usually has to be in a pretty tolerant state of mind when visiting the ferry building as opposed to being a ms. cranky pants. then i reminded myself that soup is always good for a cold so i put my cranky ass self on muni and headed over to the ferry building.

i was there before 11am and there was already quite a line.

the lady that took my order (which i suspect was mrs. hapa ramen....and i mean this with all due respect and not meaning that her identity is absorbed by her husband....but hopefully you all know what i mean) was super and sincerely friendly. after a few minutes i did wonder a bit about the wait until i paid a bit more attention to folks ahead of me picking up their orders.

there were individuals picking up 2 or 4+ orders of ramen at once.

remember this was before 11am.


i am glad i got there when i did.

i had heard and read a lot about things that happened at the coffee bar....and the email/online comment drama that followed. i was there that evening at the coffee bar but after about 10 minutes, i decided not to wait in line because i was too exhausted from the recent move to wait. yet, i remember i was glad that people came out for it. i had no idea that they were going to get slammed like they did. i remember reading through all of the aftermath and thinking that i hope that folks give them another chance....and it looks like they are.

so i approached my bowl of ramen today with much anticipation....

it is quite lovely isn't it? i ordered the pork ramen with a sous vide egg and i squirted on some sriracha sauce...

it seemed almost sacrilegious to poke into the egg....

but of course i did.

then i dug in.

the fresh noodles were lovely and slightly chewy. the pork was meltingly tender. i also happily by passed my spoon often and just picked up my bowl to slurp the broth.

it was comfort in a bowl.

i'm very glad that i went. i will definitely be back.

maybe i'll see you there.

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thursdays farmers market 10-2pm, ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,

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