Wednesday, June 30, 2010

heading back to the bay

i feel like i have been gone for quite some time.

these past few weeks have been a blur. at least my cold-whatever-it-was is gone. there is a project that i'll have to finish by friday and then i am going to be taking the weekend off. i'll be sending a note to folks in the uk reminding them of the whole "4th of july" concept and how i will not be available over the weekend or monday. i think some break time is in order.

oddly enough, i felt the desire to be home the strongest when i stopped into this place called "cooks fresh market" on 16th street in denver. it was a place i would have expected to see in the bay. this place carried an abundance of dried fruits, nuts, oils, charcuterie, cheeses, olives, granola, sparkling waters, premade desserts, sandwiches made to order, etc etc....and i noticed that they even carried some california cheeses. when i saw the california products, i went "aww, will you look at that!"

it was a good place to take a break while i enjoyed my yogurt, honey, cheese, olives, and sparkling water.

do you like my companion?

it was a gift from a japanese vendor.

i miss being home. i miss having regular access to the amazingness of the bay area produce. i miss having access to my kitchen. i miss being settled.

the past couple of months, i have felt a bit like a hobo. i know that there are folks that thrive on the travel....the always getting on a plane....going somewhere....etc. etc. but perhaps what they don't say....or think how much you miss out on the everyday things that are going on in loved one's lives....because you are always on the road....rushing from project to to to country. or how about them not talking about how difficult it is to plan things....when you don't know what city or country you are going to be in or for how long.

i have a lovely life. no doubt about it. i have a good job. it pays well.

after i read the nytimes about food writers asking for comped meals/food in exchange for exposure this morning, i was thinking about how my hobo job has enabled me to visit food-centric places as well as buy artisan food products, food lit books (new hardcovers no less), or tickets to food events that i would not been able to afford 15+ years ago. it is a position of privilege that i have worked very hard for. yet, in many ways, i am still pretty lucky. also, unlike professionals journalists or writers, on this blog i am beholden to no one....i don't have to answer to editors, advertisers, market research statistics, or the wants/needs/desires of any particular demographic. this is one of the reasons that i write this is where i am beholden to no one except myself.

i am able to share what i am passionate about or what i am thinking about for no other reason than because i want to.

perhaps that is why some of you read me (other than the food porn that is)....because you know that what i say is real for me...and is true for me in this moment....and is not motivated by "comped" meals or products.

well, i have to go catch my flight....i'm not certain what is up and how come i can't upload the images. i'll do so later. much love and hugs to you all dear hearts.


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