Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hello vegas

i left my place about 6am this morning in order to catch a flight to vegas. i'm here for a few days for some work stuff. vegas, for me, is such an odd place.

during the day, it is so freakin' hot that it is no surprise that interiors of these large buildings are meant to house these artificial alternative worlds. people start early. i saw people drinking and gambling at 10am. when one is in climate controlled environments all day with artificial lighting and air, it is easy to forget where one is. it is also easy to loose track of time. this is an odd feeling.....when your body doesn't quite know if it is the day or night.

admittedly, i've been nibbling on junk food during the day since i didn't want to go outside.

i ended up trying things like these corn dog bites with mustard.

yes, i know, not exactly the healthiest thing i could have gotten.....

but they looked pretty interesting. yet, hopefully, i managed to balance it out a bit since i had palak paneer for dinner. i found an indian place pretty close to my hotel and walked there after the heat was a bit more manageable. well, i can feel my eyes drooping, so i'd better settle down for some sleep before my breakfast meeting.

until later dear hearts,


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