Friday, June 11, 2010

leaving las vegas

well, i'm at the airport. i've been taking advantage of the free and fast wireless at the vegas airport to work on my report for the conference before my flight begins to board. yet, i thought i'd take a quick break away from the report and let y'all know that i'm on my way home.

after i woke up this morning, my demeanor picked up considerably when i reminded myself that after a few more hours at the conference, i get to go home. it will be lovely to breath air that doesn't have the lingering scents of stale cigs, alcohol, and other things. the song "smoke gets in my eyes" has a whole new meaning to me when i am in vegas. when i look at myself in the mirror, i think i look hung over with reddened eyes despite skipping out on evening activities and not indulging in any of the city's infamous vices. to be fair, i am staying on a pretty cheap hotel. if others stay in one of the more luxurious oriented hotels, it isn't as bad. the smell is still there....but it isn't as prominent as those hotels probably paid a lot more for their ventilation system. it will also be lovely to have access to my kitchen and see less of people who look at vegas as an extended drink til you drop sort of party.

i have always been this old and crabby btw. even when i was, like, 10 years old.

i'm usually pretty tolerant of this sort of behavior. my philosophy has been more along the lines of "don't fuck with me and we are all good". yet, sometimes, it gets a bit tiresome to ride an elevator up 30 floors with people in loud drunken states....screaming at the person next to them as if they were yards rather than inches away. so it was with some relief that i got on the monorail to the conference knowing i'd only have to be here for a few hours longer.

on the positive side, i found a small kiosk in my hotel that sells a simple egg salad sandwich....

yes, there is probably tons of mayo and they do load in a lot of the egg salad (this is about double of what they put on sandwiches in the uk), but it didn't make me feel like there was a lead weight in my stomach afterward and i also didn't feel lethargic.

i am going to do my darnest to finish as much of the report today/tonight as possible. it looks like i'll be seeing JB tomorrow...and the plan is to go to the ferry building market as well as introduce JB to one of my favorite places in the universe, humphry slocombe. hmmmm, those are definitely my kind of motivators for getting work done. well, i should get back to it.

until later dear hearts....

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