Thursday, June 10, 2010

winding down in vegas

it has been a pretty productive last couple of days. i'm winding down at the hotel right now. i have one more day of the conference and will be heading home tomorrow evening. then, i'll have 48 hours to put together and complete a project based on the conference. fortunately, i made quite a bit of headway this evening so i'm on track to meet the deadline. while i was pretty good about not eating utter crap while i was in the uk a couple of weeks ago, i've been eating quite a bit of non-healthy food for the last two days. see top pic of a sausage egg sandwich that i picked up at the conference this morning as a prime example.

i can actually feel the impact upon my body and will be making more of a concerted effort tomorrow and for the rest of next week to eat better.....or to eat how i normally do when i am home. i find that it is extremely easy to eat non-healthy food while traveling and not having access to my kitchen. also, given the heat, i'm less inclined to walk around to find things to eat. the hotel i am at doesn't have options like the lovely bouchon bakery. i loved having access to bouchon the last time i was in vegas. this time, i am staying at a decidedly less fancy hotel. the amenities are not that great and the wireless is incredibly unreliable. yet, i got what i paid this room was prob about 25% of what my room at the venetian cost. it is about two or three steps up from a dump....and about 10 steps below the venetian.

yet, it is very close to the monorail station which is one of the reasons why i picked this hotel.

i've been taking the monorail between the hotel and the convention center which has been nice as it means less walking around in the heat and sun.

unfortunately, the stations are outside. the stations are covered, but still outside and hence....can get pretty warm. the heat is no surprise as vegas is in a desert. yet, i'd rather take the monorail than walk...especially considering the amount of walking i do on the conference floor. by the time i leave the convention center, i'm not feeling inclined to do any more walking. i just feel like taking a bath before settling down on one of the beds, doing research, and working. interestingly enough, one of my colleagues ended up with a limp after his first day....from walking around the convention floor for hours. it is times like these that i am very glad that i am in "walking" shape. there are many people at this conference that are not....which just serves as a visual reminder that i should definitely maintain a balanced eating lifestyle.

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