Thursday, July 29, 2010

a good and bad day

hmmm. yesterday when i wrote that post about everything going so well
, there was this voice inside of me that said "aren't you tempting fate a saying how good things are going? the gawds may hear you and decide to respond."

and so they did.

it made for an odd day. an odd day of good and bad. so here is my story of my day.

during my morning meetings i get some news that throws me off kilter. i'm still processing it. i was really glad when the meetings wrapped up and i put my virtual "out to lunch" sign on....i just had to go for a walk. i needed to leave my apartment. i needed to think.

i find myself at the ferry building before the lunch rush and decide, of course, to stop at hapa ramen. after i place my order and pay for it, i find myself doing a little dance as i wait because i have been looking forward to trying this sandwich ever since i saw hapa ramen tweet about last night. i have a thing for tuna sandwiches and this one included olive oil poached albacore, bacon, japanese mayo, and pickles!

i was very excited about my sandwich. then i realized that it wasn't super busy yet and that meant i should do what i said i would do....

...which was bug hapa ramen and say "hi!". so i walk over to a spot near where they are working to say hi. at this moment, i feel like an incredible dork. in my head i'm thinking "they are busy. it looks like they are down someone on the line. i don't want to distract them. does this make me a stalker or something? is this really such a good idea?" but i stay put. because i remember the last two times i didn't say something i received a couple of tweets about it. the tweets seemed to have a vaguely older brother guilt inspiring tone about them. he's gonna be really good at the dad thing.

then hapa ramen comes over to say hi with some rice and noodles. it is all good.i wonder why did i feel so self-conscious? then i dig into my yummy sandwich. i love the spike of pickles against the savory messiness coupled with the chewy slightly crusty roll.

by the time i am done, the emotions and such from the morning seem to have faded enough to be bearable and i am ready to get back to work.

after working for a few hours, i take a break to pay the library a visit and see if it may be a potential place for me to work in the late afternoons. i'm still trying to scout out my "afternoon work places" that are relatively close to my place or easy for me to get to. as i am wandering around the library, my brain registers that i'm running across this teenage boy pretty often, but it is more of a "hmm. weird. whatever."

until i decide to sit down and take a couple of notes about something that popped into my head re: one of my projects. i wanted to get it down on paper before i forgot.

then the teenager decides to deliberately run himself into the corner of the table i'm sitting at.


i'm pretty horrified once i realize what is about to happen.

he delivers his opening lines pretty quickly and i'm rather stunned.

he is a teenager. he still has his baby fat. he is holding manga. if he is even 18 years old, i'll eat crappy fast food for a week.

i try the nice (because he is so young) but very firm approach with, "thank you for the nice words but i am a lot older than you."

his response is that he doesn't think he is so young. then looks up at the ceiling as if trying to figure out an appropriate age and then says a number which i know is a complete and utter lie. as DH would say "this lad is telling porkies".

that isn't even the best part.

the age he threw out would still make me way too old for him anyway. i feel so old at this moment.

i tell him that i'm still A LOT OLDER than him. hoping that this would freak him out. then he declares that "it doesn't matter!!"

variations of this goes back and forth.

i want to bang my head against the table.

i cannot believe i am having this discussion in the library.

this is what happens when you gain the attention of fate and fate decides to teach you a few lessons.

then i say "no. thank you but no." very very very firmly.

he walks away. i wait for a few minutes, exit the library and walk home. as i walk home i chastise myself and said i should have handled that with more grace. yet, frankly, i've always sucked at that sort of thing my various ex-lovers and ex-boyfriends have felt the need to point out to me about the "courting stage"...yeah, i'm much better in a relationship or if i know you for a long time. even then, various ex's have indicated that approaching me with "intentions" has required some serious strategy and planning on their part due to my cluelessness. still, i should have handled it better because he is so young. it did take some serious balls to approach me. i'll give him that. yet, i don't know why it bothered me so much. i guess it was like i kicked a puppy. [which to clarify i have never done btw].

because i really want to forget what just happened, i attack my work with gusto. i bury myself in market segments, fiscal revenues, branding strategies, and such for a few hours until i feel like i am no longer one step closer to hell for being such an ass. then i realize that i am hungry so i grab the green tea soba noodle salad from hapa ramen.

noodles are a perfect comfort food. these are particularly tasty. i really like the tang from the plums coupled with the sesame. i am still eating this now as i type these words. the reason why i have pics to show you is because when i got home from the ferry building i had a feeling i'd be eating this at night so i took pics (and a taste) of both the soba noodle salad and the rice salad. i'll be having the rice salad tomorrow. it gives me something to look forward to.

now do you see dear hearts? how today has been this odd mixture of bad and good? i suppose that is life really doesn't know what is going to happen from one moment to the next....and it is important to just live each moment and do the best that i can. sometimes my best will be pretty awful (as evident today)...yet perhaps it is something i needed to experience and learn from.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

lunch at delfina

as i said "good bye" to a big project this afternoon, i was feeling pretty good. the culmination of a lot of hard work over the past couple of months has been really coming together recently and the team has been completing some key launches and projects. after i sent out the project to the key stakeholders, i decided to take a wander to the fillmore and grab a late lunch at delfina. although i had never been to delfina in pac heights, i have been to the delfina in the mission....and have always had a good time. i also know of a certain loved one who spends a lot of sunday night visits at the delfina in the mission with her new hubby.

it is a bit like stacking the deck isn't it? to visit a "new" place that i'm pretty certain that i'm going to like.

unsurprisingly, i had a lovely experience from my first step in the door. the stylish host was super friendly as she guided me to my seat. i had a moment of shock to my system when i looked up from my menu and saw how stunning my server was....or "is" i should say. not only was she warm and friendly, but she looked like she could have stepped out of a painting. my instant thought was i wish i could take her picture. this is not the first time this has happened to me.....being hit with an urge to take a picture. this happens a lot....when i see something, someone, a certain staging, a certain kind of light.....i can't explain it is like something catches my eye and i can almost feel myself mentally reach for my camera....but then good sense overrides and i realize that there are certain situations where taking pics is just not a good idea.

this would be one of them.

i rarely ask people if i can take their picture as i don't want to seem creepy. it isn't like i am garance dore (one of my faves) who talks about wanting to take people's pics all of the time on her blog. she does these great portraits....particularly of women....that i just adore. yet, she is a well known photographer and there are scores of people that would love to be photographed by ms. dore. yet, i am not ms. dore but rather the foodie hunter who decided to visit delfina for lunch today.

so i ordered their house made strawberry basil soda (this i liked. A LOT)...

and the "capricciosa" which included prosciutto cotto, artichoke, nepitella, mozzarella, and caciovavallo....

which was super evident by the fact i ate the entire thing.

i'm a good eater.

after i declined ordering dessert and paid for the meal, i realized i was pretty stuffed and would need some caffeine in order to ensure that i wouldn't get sleepy when i went back to work. so i walked over to fraiche to get a cup of blue bottle to sip on as i walked back home.

as i was walking back home, i was thinking a lot about how lucky i am and how much i love my life. i mean, look where i get to live, eat, cook, take pics is all very humbling to remember how fortunate i am....and i want to enjoy every moment.

pizzeria delfina, 2406 california street (between fillmore & steiner), sf, ca, 94115, phone: + 1 415 440 1189,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hello flirting

i'm horrible at flirting.

just incredibly horrible. most of the time, i don't even realize it is actually happening until hours later when i replay a conversation in my head and ask myself "was he flirting with me?" to which someone like the heart sister will just shake her head at me [and perhaps pray for me]....or when i've walked around with folks like the best friend and she expresses concern regarding my lack of awareness regarding my surroundings when i don't notice being checked out by whomever she saw do it. or even better...when i DO realize it is happening i often instinctively identify where the nearest figurative or literal exit is and go scurrying for it as quickly as possible.

there is some irony somewhere at my being able to speak in front of hundreds of people, be completely competent running teams, managing/coaching 1:1, proctoring meetings/workshops, or whatever....but put me in a flirting oriented situation ...lets be real shall we....i just really suck.

these situations have been well documented on the blog.

yet, just because i am quite horrible at something doesn't mean that i can't give props when i see a couple of folks undergoing flirting....especially when i am not directly involved. this definitely happened today.

today was a pretty productive day. i was able to get loads done after my morning meetings and hence was able to stop by the bold italic's microhood party at "mint slope" this evening.

i enjoy reading the bold italic on an ongoing basis and already knew that i liked the various shops on this neighborhood stretch including the always interesting rare device. i always see things i'd like to acquire in that store. yet, after popping into the various stores and doing some window shopping, i decided to pop into orbit for a drink and nibble.

i've heard about orbit from a loved one who enjoys cocktails there. little did i realize that i would have a bit of entertainment to go with my drink ....

and pork terrine.....

i do love people watching. yet, something in particular caught my eye this evening at orbit....and that was when two guys started a banter. now, not something unusual but flirty banter between two straight men is not what i would call everyday and usual. although i have noticed some instances of this via twitter and in-person accounts during my travels over the past few months. yet, while it was happening this evening, i couldn't look away from them. my head volleyed from one to the other....watching their flirty statements punctuated with smiles, eye contact, and gestures.

i could not help but admire the skill of it. it would be a nice skill to have (if the thought of the work it would take to acquire it didn't inspire me to hide in a hole). as the banter escalated, i thought "these guys are totally straight though. fascinating."

i mean there are times when i can't tell if the guy or guys are straight. there are times when certain guys will say they are straight and i'm like..."yeah right. how many beards have you had?"...and there are times when i think, yeah, he's totally bi. but there are times like this where i am pretty certain that they are when you add flirting to the mix, it makes me scratch my head in puzzlement....but it also makes me look on in utter fascination when the banter continued to escalate. i mean, how could you not watch to see how far they were going to take it? yet, when one of the guys started referring to actual physically intimate acts...i watched with deeper fascination as his flirty banter partner's face became extremely pale, then literally threw up his hands, and finally verbally scampered away.

as i finished up my snack at orbit, i could not help but smile and think that how nice it was to have a bit of unexpected entertainment to go with my drink and nibble. it was a good way to end the day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

not just ramen from hapa ramen

"dear god of food nerds everywhere, it is me again, foodie hunter.... if you could help ensure that my meetings and phone calls wrap up in time for me to go to the thursday farmers market at the ferry building, it would be deeply appreciated."

these were just some of the words that passed through my mind this morning as i entered my first meeting today at 7:30am. i've missed out on the street food at the thurs market for the last couple of weeks because of work stuff. i was really hoping that i would be able to make it to the ferry building today before the street food market closed up. i also wanted to score a beignet from arlequin for the best friend (whom i would be seeing later in the evening). maybe the god (or gods) heard my little request as everything was in alignment .....and i was able to take a break in time before the market closed....but it meant that i arrived at prime time.

hello people.

still not as many people that appear post-11am on saturday mornings. must look at the positive side here.

speaking of being positive, it is sunny today. one would almost think it was actually july. while i was thinking about slurping some ramen earlier this morning when it wasn't too cloudy, i decided to go for the "sloppy mel" sandwich (i.e., miso braised pork shoulder) that i saw come across my twitter last night from hapa ramen.

as waited for my order to come up, i watched the crew hustling and noticed the signs. one of the signs included insight into their approach to their ramen and the other sign indicated that they will be making an appearance at off the grid in addition to their pop up at the coffee bar.

i'm glad that more folks will have a chance to taste their ramen and i really like the vibe of the off the grid street food event. i've been twice so far and have really enjoyed it. the people that go there....really are there to eat and enjoy the food....and i think we all know dear readers, how much i enjoy food. while i may try things that i'm on the fence about....just to see....i pretty much had a good idea that i was going to like the sloppy mel sandwich.... i mean, um, braised pork shoulder? yeah.

doesn't that look just beautiful?

how about a bit more hmmm?

doesn't that say "eat me!! eat me NOW!!"

i know people look at me oddly when i take the pictures, but oh well. i am who i am.

i'm glad i took the shots before i started the sandwich as i went through 3 napkins before i was halfway through eating it. it was supremely delicious. succulent and savory with a kick from the pickled chilies. i particularly enjoyed the pickled chilies.

this is also not a tiny sandwich btw.

yet, i pretty much absorbed it.

yes, i did eat that last if i would leave it.

it made my tummy pretty happy as i charged around the ferry building to pick up some strawberries from dirty girl (another all time foodie hunter fave), upstairs bread from acme, some sweets from arlequin, as well as a bottle of mcevoy extra virgin olive oil.

as i rode muni home, i couldn't help but think how good it is to be home.


hapa ramen, , thursdays farmers market 10-2pm, ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,

disclosure: if you haven't read any postings from me before, i wanted to let you know that i met richie "in person" for the first time on july 1, 2010. i wrote about this. yet, if you read me regularly or go through my postings for the past couple of years, you'd know that this doesn't have bearing on what i decide to write about. i could have just written about strawberries from dirty girl....or about the chocolate cherry cookies i bought from arlequin (which i may still do that btw)....or if i didn't like the sandwich, i wouldn't have written about it...whether i knew richie or not.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"i liked your response by the way" said DH during our meeting this morning.

he was referring to my response to a work-oriented an incident that happened yesterday morning. while this incident was happening, i received much moral support from those across the pond.....but i was still pretty pissed off. there will always be people that we interact with that seek to leverage power (whether real or imagined) for motivations that are driven by self-hatred, frustration at their lack of abilities, or oddly enough, enjoyment at being bullies.

after dealing with this incident, i found myself in need of a morning stomp out my anger....and found it rather convenient that san francisco has multitude of hills for me to stomp out my anger on. interestingly enough, i found myself close to OTD on bush (perhaps my subconscious realized that i would need some comfort), so i dropped in for breakfast. it isn't like i need a reason to come here. it is probably the place i come to the most often. the gal that helped me out was super nice (i find this to be the case in general) and i ordered a pot of jasmine tea (my usual), the beef brisket with crispy potatoes and poached eggs, ....

and a side of toasted baguette with butter and sugar (something straight out of my childhood).

as i was slowing making my way through the tender savory beef brisket, crispy potatoes, eggs while using the crusts of the warm plain baguette as a scoop.....

i thought about how i approached the situation earlier this morning.

for those of you who have been with me on this blog over the years, it isn't a surprise to you that one of my core personality traits is a very strong sense of justice. this has been a trait that has stayed with me since i was a neophyte foodie hunter and i know it will always remain with me.

it doesn't matter to me if you are a member of the board, a zillionare, a manager of a team, a rank-in-file, or some random person on the street. if i perceive that you are trying to bully me or deliberately treat me poorly, then you will receive quite the surprise. as i have grown older, managed teams, interacted with all levels at many companies, i've learned how to be a wee bit more diplomatic in my is like wrapping up "fuck you and the horse you road in on asshole" in a nice handmade japanese paper with silken ribbons folded just so. i don't walk away from necessary sometimes....when dealing with bullies....not only am i going to win that battle......i come down on the bully in such a way that i am setting the stage to win the war.

rather scary how the foodie hunter brain works isn't it?

just to be clear, if someone is just an asshole in general, i will not bother....i'll end up mentally roll my eyes and ignore you.....but if you actively try to harm me or mine, then that puts a different frame on the whole thing.

completely different.

after i carry out what is necessary, there are always internal consequences for me.

i often reflect back on implementing these actions and tactics. i am left with a severe distaste. i don't enjoy the conflict nor implementing these tactics. admittedly, during my reflection, i do what i define as the "moral re-check".....double-checking that i am still "me" and that i haven't become evil by putting to use some of these skills. during the last large face to face team meeting, one of my peers mentioned in an open forum how they thought i was "quite good at it" as well as the navigation of the shark invested political waters....and this colleague meant this as being a positive thing...yet, i could still feel myself internally flinch at the compliment.

i suppose it was serendipitous that i found myself at OTD, particularly hovering over my tea and the baguette with butter and sugar.

these baguettes are not "french baguettes" but are the sort that i grew up with from various vietnamese bakeries in the city or south bay. the texture of the dough and the crust is significantly different than french or parisian baguettes....and are often the baguettes one would have with a truly excellent banh mi around the bay area. there is something fascinating about taking a product from the colonizer and making it your own isn't it? anyway, while i was experiencing these tastes and aromas at OTD, i recalled the moments of enjoying this sweet crunchy treat throughout the challenging times of my youth... and find it interesting that years later....i am still seeking out and eating foods from my youth and i am still trying to maintain that balance within walk the path that enables me to do what i need to do....but not become what i abhor or am fighting against.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

maple bacon beignet from arlequin

i was in a pretty cranky mood this morning. it was no one's fault but my own for not getting my ass out of the door earlier this morning and i ended up hitting the sf ferry building saturday farmers market as it started to get crowded. yet, i took a deep breath and just charged right in.

sometimes, is good to be small....and i utterly take advantage of my size when i am darting in between the tourists, the slow pokes, etc. who are there to look and not buy. most weeks, i am able to hit up the ferry building for thursday's market, but the last couple of weeks, i haven't been able to break from work before the farmers market has rolled up. so it was with considerable purpose that i hit my usual vendors from the outside market, grabbed a housewarming present from recchiuti, and a loaf of my favorite bread...acme's upstairs bread. as i exited the ferry building with my arms ladened down with my wares, i did a rather huge exhale.

then out of the corner of my left eye, i realized that there wasn't a line in front of arlequin. opportunity! must seize opportunity. i've been wanting to try their stuff for ages. in dec 2009, i attended inforum's "the state of pastry in SF", (here is the link to the set of pics) and luis villavelazquez was on the panel. what i remember the most about luis was he was very sincere and earnest. i also remember at the dessert portion of the event after the panel, he and the folks he was working with to plate the desserts were the only ones that looked like they were actually having a good time....while still being super efficient.

yeah, i notice things like that.

so i've been curious about the sweets at the arlequin booth at the ferry building for quite some time. it seemed that today was going to be the day. i must admit i had some difficulty choosing what to get....

there was an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and their interpretations of beignets. i ended up picking the maple bacon beignet....

first thing i noticed was the dough was lovely....and moist.

then i tasted the custard which was lovely....and very well suited to my palate. it wasn't super fact the entire thing wasn't super sweet. the bacon was an interesting touch and added a bit of savory surprise.

i'm glad that i finally tried something from them. it was a good way to soothe crankiness from my darting tourists exercise. well, i think i'll be needing to try a couple of their other flavors as well.....yet, thankfully they are also at the ferry building on thursdays.

arlequin's booth is open from 8-2 at ferry building on thursday and saturday ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

reveal who you are

i had originally planned on writing about something else this evening. yet, based on what i've seen pass through on my twitter, i changed my mind.

i've decided to write about the power of words and ideas.....through the frame of writing on food blogs.

now, i try a lot of foods and eat at a lot of places that i don't like. in fact, the majority of places and products i try, i don't like.

yet, if you go through the my 600+ postings, you'll notice that i've rarely written anything negative about food or a food-related vendor. i think i've only written something negative 5 times. 5 times in 600+ postings from 2008-2010 is not a lot. two of those times were blasting food-oriented web sites for using my content without permission (who should have absolutely positively known better as corporate for-profit revenue driven organizations). 1 time was tasting mugwort mochi for the first time, and it really wasn't an attack on a vendor or a food product....but rather more of a funny story about my misplaced expectations and how i should have really read the package before eating it. another time was my explanation of why i wouldn't visit a food vendor anymore....because of service reasons....and in that posting, i was very clear that the product they produce was amongst the best of that category that i have ever tasted, but due to service, i would not be visiting that vendor. the last time was about a certain chef that said a disparaging statement about food in san francisco....but then again, i was also honest and said the food i had at his place was good....real good....but did relay some business information on why not buying his book in the bay area would potentially have a direct impact his plans to extend his "brand".

yes, i am an anti-social shit at times. i believe the words "cold", "robotic", "intellectual" (not said as a compliment), "impersonal", "intimidating", etc. have been used to describe me at some point or another. yet, i am a robotic analytical asshole with a conscience and a sense of responsibility for my words, actions, and ideas. i am definitely not one of those food bloggers that get off on writing scathing reviews of food products....because they get drunk off the power being heard through social media and of disparaging others.

i love food...and am passionate about food, photography, and writing. this is why i cook, eat, read, write, and take pictures.

unfortunately, there is a market and segment of the food world that really gets off on scathing reviews.....both writing them and reading them. in this age of collaborative user-driven content through social media, words and ideas have a wonderful, amazing, and powerful communication vehicle.....that often times have an immediate and lasting impact.
words and ideas have always been and will always be powerful. yet, what can be used for good.....can also be used for evil.

words and ideas reflect the motivations and thoughts of the user/writer....they are tools that reflect the character of those that wield them.

sometimes i wonder if those that use them as weapons realize just how much their writing reveals of their character...or lack there of.

there are many food bloggers that write to become famous....whether in their own head....or to become famous enough in order to drive revenue (through ads or through obtaining contract work)....or seek a "high" that they get when they are looked to as an authority on a particular subject. some are good and some are bad. some are truly passionate about food and seek to make a living or obtain satisfaction from their passion. others look at food blogging as a route to potential power, fame, and to ride the wave of mainstream "acceptable" food obsession....but don't really like food. in fact, some of them hate food.

the food bloggers that hate food and whose motivations for writing include ego masturbation and power trips make me angry. i'm not arguing that all food writing should be positive....yet, if there are criticisms....they should be constructive criticisms and backed up with proper well-researched evidence.

in other words, i think those that decide to be critical had better be willing to take responsibility for their words, ideas, and actions. for what you are absolute reality.....when you are throwing out inaccurate information through the frame of "food criticism" whether on yelp, your blog, or social shitting on another person....perhaps shitting on a whole group of people whose livelihood is connected with that organization. a restaurant or product is rarely 1 person....there is usually a well as families connected with those teams....on the business side....on the creative side.....on the implementation side....that often work crazy ass hours so that you can have that food experience.

from this foodie hunter's perspective, you are what you eat. you are what you write. you are what you cook. you are what you are passionate about. you are who you love. these things reveal quite a bit about who you are.....and if you write inaccurate statements via social media for less than stellar motivations....what does this say about who you are?

just some food for thought.

Monday, July 12, 2010

off the grid street food event pics on flickr

oh btw....there is a street food event from 5-9pm at fort mason on friday nights....i went last friday and had a lovely time. if you are interested in seeing the pics, i've posted them on flickr:

maybe i'll see you there this friday....

the first lunch


remember me?

yeah, i've been hiding out for the past few days.

i haven't stopped eating or cooking though. i needed some time to regroup and settle back into the life in the city.

i think i've found another place to "hang my hat" for a few hours to do work and such. this will make it the second place that i have is a challenge isn't it? to find places that suit. some folks look for bars to hang out at, i look for various coffee/tea/cafes to give me an alternative to working at home....and give me a break in the middle of the day. i've just finished reading through a couple of hundred pages of ever so exciting financial material, so i thought i'd take a break and relay to you my first "guest lunch" at my place that happened recently.

the heart sister had an appointment within a few blocks of my place the other day, and so she dropped in for lunch. she was the first person outside of myself to eat in my new place. despite the continuous inquiries about "the housewarming party", i've demurred as i have 1 chair and have a couple of dozen or so boxes that i still haven't unpacked from my move. i am also not inclined to buy anything at the moment in terms of furniture so it does put a cramp on things like "entertaining". yet, family is different isn't it? they see you at your best, your worst, your neatest, your messiest, and all of the stages in-between. i actually didn't even think about this until after we had already started noshing on our lunch....which consisted of a snack of pureed white beans with white anchovies over rye crisps....

i of course had to taste them before i served them to make certain they were ok.

this was semi-inspired from a recent dinner at CK's and made for the heart sister's palate. i think this would be especially delicious on some sliced baguettes or on slices of toasted acme upstairs bread. yet the rye crisps were decent.

pretty huh?

then the next course was egg (CA pasture raised) with micorgreens (no i don't have a pic of the finished product).....

and the main dish of quinoa pasta with preserved anchovies (the kind that are preserved in oil...are brown...and disintegrate when you fry them...delicious in sauces...not the white pickled kind i used w/the beans), tomatoes, roasted carrots, artichoke, parsley, and microgreens.....

which i enjoyed quite a bit....

in between the moments of munching through the courses while sitting on my makeshift bed and returning to the kitchen for the next course....the heart sister mentioned how the most lived in area of the apartment was the kitchen and office....and she pointed out how i also had nothing on the walls but had quite a bit of stuff on the front and sides of the fridge (fyi: pics, silly things from comic conventions, postcards from various food festivals, and case you were curious).

this is true.

the work area is necessary since i work from home....and the kitchen holds my solace, my comfort, my nourishment, and allows me to be whomever i want to be or express whatever i want to express in that moment. the kitchen is more important than the "work area"....and was the very first thing to be unpacked when i moved into my new place.

the rest of the boxes will be unpacked....eventually. yet, i hope no one is holding their breathe for a housewarming party. i don't think i've actually ever thrown one in my entire life and it is unlikely i am about to start now.