Monday, July 12, 2010

the first lunch


remember me?

yeah, i've been hiding out for the past few days.

i haven't stopped eating or cooking though. i needed some time to regroup and settle back into the life in the city.

i think i've found another place to "hang my hat" for a few hours to do work and such. this will make it the second place that i have is a challenge isn't it? to find places that suit. some folks look for bars to hang out at, i look for various coffee/tea/cafes to give me an alternative to working at home....and give me a break in the middle of the day. i've just finished reading through a couple of hundred pages of ever so exciting financial material, so i thought i'd take a break and relay to you my first "guest lunch" at my place that happened recently.

the heart sister had an appointment within a few blocks of my place the other day, and so she dropped in for lunch. she was the first person outside of myself to eat in my new place. despite the continuous inquiries about "the housewarming party", i've demurred as i have 1 chair and have a couple of dozen or so boxes that i still haven't unpacked from my move. i am also not inclined to buy anything at the moment in terms of furniture so it does put a cramp on things like "entertaining". yet, family is different isn't it? they see you at your best, your worst, your neatest, your messiest, and all of the stages in-between. i actually didn't even think about this until after we had already started noshing on our lunch....which consisted of a snack of pureed white beans with white anchovies over rye crisps....

i of course had to taste them before i served them to make certain they were ok.

this was semi-inspired from a recent dinner at CK's and made for the heart sister's palate. i think this would be especially delicious on some sliced baguettes or on slices of toasted acme upstairs bread. yet the rye crisps were decent.

pretty huh?

then the next course was egg (CA pasture raised) with micorgreens (no i don't have a pic of the finished product).....

and the main dish of quinoa pasta with preserved anchovies (the kind that are preserved in oil...are brown...and disintegrate when you fry them...delicious in sauces...not the white pickled kind i used w/the beans), tomatoes, roasted carrots, artichoke, parsley, and microgreens.....

which i enjoyed quite a bit....

in between the moments of munching through the courses while sitting on my makeshift bed and returning to the kitchen for the next course....the heart sister mentioned how the most lived in area of the apartment was the kitchen and office....and she pointed out how i also had nothing on the walls but had quite a bit of stuff on the front and sides of the fridge (fyi: pics, silly things from comic conventions, postcards from various food festivals, and case you were curious).

this is true.

the work area is necessary since i work from home....and the kitchen holds my solace, my comfort, my nourishment, and allows me to be whomever i want to be or express whatever i want to express in that moment. the kitchen is more important than the "work area"....and was the very first thing to be unpacked when i moved into my new place.

the rest of the boxes will be unpacked....eventually. yet, i hope no one is holding their breathe for a housewarming party. i don't think i've actually ever thrown one in my entire life and it is unlikely i am about to start now.

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