Thursday, July 1, 2010

foodie hunter outs herself to hapa ramen

i arrived back into the city last night and i find myself slowly settling back into the flow and grooves of real life. for the first time in over a week or so, i woke up this morning looking forward to my day. why? today is the street food day at the ferry building. ramen for a late breakfast seemed like just the thing to help me get resettled into life in the bay. so after my slew of morning emails and such, i jumped on muni to the ferry building and breathed a sigh of relief when i saw that there wasn't a huge line yet at hapa ramen. i was pretty hungry.

i ordered and paid for the "big daddy ramen bowl" from mrs. hapa ramen which consisted of chicken, pork, egg, chard, and corn. while there were some intriguing looking pickles (and me love pickles) i decided to pass on them this morning as i thought my bowl was going to have more than enough going on.

as i waited for my ramen to arrive, i wondered if i should introduce myself. i have been reading linecook/hapa ramen/richie's blog for a while (since before he joined nopa) and eventually followed him on twitter. i did promise to introduce myself at some point after my posting on hapa ramen's opening at the ferry building. yet, those thoughts of introducing myself went right out the window when one of the chow people with a very large camera stepped up to have a talk with whom i suspect was hapa ramen mama.

so when my bowl arrived, i looked for a table to settle down and focus my attention on what i was there for....the food.

i love soup. sigh. those that have read me over the years know just how much i love it. it is one of my favorite genre of foods in this universe. i think ice cream is probably the other. so, it is no surprise that after so much travel what i wanted was a bowl of soup and hapa ramen's big daddy bowl was just what i needed.

it was hearty with lovely colors, textures, and a substantial savory broth.

it is quite beautiful isn't it?

also, i do like the fact that hapa ramen is transparent about what he is doing. he had tweeted that there were some tweaks that they were doing to their offering so i wasn't surprised when i saw and tasted how the noodles were different than last time.

it was all quite yummy. no surprises there. as they are just starting out, i wouldn't be surprised if there are continuous tweaks and i'll be there for the journey.

after i finished my bowl of soup, i circled back to their stand and watch them work for a bit.

i love watching people cook. some people like watching sports, i like watching people cook. there is a grace about it. as i watched them at work, i vaguely remember richie writing (or was it tweeting?) something about people that watched them work at nopa and then realized what i was doing may be rude and perhaps it would be a good idea to introduce myself after all.

so i did.

it was good to meet him "in person".

so the foodie hunter put a toe outside of the anonymity closet.

i don't know if this is going to be regular thing. i doubt it though. but in this case, since i was already confident about enjoying richie's writing and now food, that it wouldn't matter that he knows what i look like...and my real name.

hapa ramen, , thursdays farmers market 10-2pm, ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,


Su-Lin said...

Love the look of that bowl of ramen... is that fried chicken?

foodie hunter said...

heya su-lin! yes, that is fried chicken....