Wednesday, July 7, 2010

foodiehunter on facebook


i now have a foodie hunter facebook account at:

i suppose what started this whole thing was that i saw a notice in my google alerts that someone had created a "foodie hunter" facebook account.

my response was "huh?" when i saw that come through my email.

you know, because i hadn't created one.

then i thought that was a bit odd....i mean, "foodie hunter" isn't exactly the most common of terms or names. this is one of the reasons why i chose it.

then i thought that i should probably give facebook a shot. i mean, i'm already on twitter and flickr....and have a tumblr blog that i should get back to at some point. i suppose i avoided facebook because it didn't seem like it would be the right sort of medium for me....i'm not exactly the witty in 8 words or less type.....and wondered if people would really even visit or "become friends" with an anonymous person.

i have no idea facebook account thing is really going to work out. i don't think most folks are interested in "interacting" with me....lets be honest here...most folks are interested in seeing the pics i post on this blog and flickr. by far, the majority of my traffic is to flickr.

it also helps that twitter is a perfect vehicle to let people know when pics are posted to flickr. this way they can see a bit of text to see if they are interested in whatever i've just eaten or am about to eat.....and then just click the link to see if they are interested in seeing the shot.

well, regardless this facebook experiment should be interesting.

if you are interested in joining me in this facebook experiment, you can find me here:

i've posted some pics on the facebook page regarding my dinner at rijoa on larimer street in denver. i think that was my favorite meal in denver.

well....until later dear hearts,


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