Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hello flirting

i'm horrible at flirting.

just incredibly horrible. most of the time, i don't even realize it is actually happening until hours later when i replay a conversation in my head and ask myself "was he flirting with me?" to which someone like the heart sister will just shake her head at me [and perhaps pray for me]....or when i've walked around with folks like the best friend and she expresses concern regarding my lack of awareness regarding my surroundings when i don't notice being checked out by whomever she saw do it. or even better...when i DO realize it is happening i often instinctively identify where the nearest figurative or literal exit is and go scurrying for it as quickly as possible.

there is some irony somewhere at my being able to speak in front of hundreds of people, be completely competent running teams, managing/coaching 1:1, proctoring meetings/workshops, or whatever....but put me in a flirting oriented situation ...lets be real shall we....i just really suck.

these situations have been well documented on the blog.

yet, just because i am quite horrible at something doesn't mean that i can't give props when i see a couple of folks undergoing flirting....especially when i am not directly involved. this definitely happened today.

today was a pretty productive day. i was able to get loads done after my morning meetings and hence was able to stop by the bold italic's microhood party at "mint slope" this evening.

i enjoy reading the bold italic on an ongoing basis and already knew that i liked the various shops on this neighborhood stretch including the always interesting rare device. i always see things i'd like to acquire in that store. yet, after popping into the various stores and doing some window shopping, i decided to pop into orbit for a drink and nibble.

i've heard about orbit from a loved one who enjoys cocktails there. little did i realize that i would have a bit of entertainment to go with my drink ....

and pork terrine.....

i do love people watching. yet, something in particular caught my eye this evening at orbit....and that was when two guys started a banter. now, banter....is not something unusual but flirty banter between two straight men is not what i would call everyday and usual. although i have noticed some instances of this via twitter and in-person accounts during my travels over the past few months. yet, while it was happening this evening, i couldn't look away from them. my head volleyed from one to the other....watching their flirty statements punctuated with smiles, eye contact, and gestures.

i could not help but admire the skill of it. it would be a nice skill to have (if the thought of the work it would take to acquire it didn't inspire me to hide in a hole). as the banter escalated, i thought "these guys are totally straight though. fascinating."

i mean there are times when i can't tell if the guy or guys are straight. there are times when certain guys will say they are straight and i'm like..."yeah right. how many beards have you had?"...and there are times when i think, yeah, he's totally bi. but there are times like this where i am pretty certain that they are straight....so when you add flirting to the mix, it makes me scratch my head in puzzlement....but it also makes me look on in utter fascination when the banter continued to escalate. i mean, how could you not watch to see how far they were going to take it? yet, when one of the guys started referring to actual physically intimate acts...i watched with deeper fascination as his flirty banter partner's face became extremely pale, then literally threw up his hands, and finally verbally scampered away.

as i finished up my snack at orbit, i could not help but smile and think that how nice it was to have a bit of unexpected entertainment to go with my drink and nibble. it was a good way to end the day.

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