Wednesday, July 28, 2010

lunch at delfina

as i said "good bye" to a big project this afternoon, i was feeling pretty good. the culmination of a lot of hard work over the past couple of months has been really coming together recently and the team has been completing some key launches and projects. after i sent out the project to the key stakeholders, i decided to take a wander to the fillmore and grab a late lunch at delfina. although i had never been to delfina in pac heights, i have been to the delfina in the mission....and have always had a good time. i also know of a certain loved one who spends a lot of sunday night visits at the delfina in the mission with her new hubby.

it is a bit like stacking the deck isn't it? to visit a "new" place that i'm pretty certain that i'm going to like.

unsurprisingly, i had a lovely experience from my first step in the door. the stylish host was super friendly as she guided me to my seat. i had a moment of shock to my system when i looked up from my menu and saw how stunning my server was....or "is" i should say. not only was she warm and friendly, but she looked like she could have stepped out of a painting. my instant thought was i wish i could take her picture. this is not the first time this has happened to me.....being hit with an urge to take a picture. this happens a lot....when i see something, someone, a certain staging, a certain kind of light.....i can't explain it is like something catches my eye and i can almost feel myself mentally reach for my camera....but then good sense overrides and i realize that there are certain situations where taking pics is just not a good idea.

this would be one of them.

i rarely ask people if i can take their picture as i don't want to seem creepy. it isn't like i am garance dore (one of my faves) who talks about wanting to take people's pics all of the time on her blog. she does these great portraits....particularly of women....that i just adore. yet, she is a well known photographer and there are scores of people that would love to be photographed by ms. dore. yet, i am not ms. dore but rather the foodie hunter who decided to visit delfina for lunch today.

so i ordered their house made strawberry basil soda (this i liked. A LOT)...

and the "capricciosa" which included prosciutto cotto, artichoke, nepitella, mozzarella, and caciovavallo....

which was super evident by the fact i ate the entire thing.

i'm a good eater.

after i declined ordering dessert and paid for the meal, i realized i was pretty stuffed and would need some caffeine in order to ensure that i wouldn't get sleepy when i went back to work. so i walked over to fraiche to get a cup of blue bottle to sip on as i walked back home.

as i was walking back home, i was thinking a lot about how lucky i am and how much i love my life. i mean, look where i get to live, eat, cook, take pics is all very humbling to remember how fortunate i am....and i want to enjoy every moment.

pizzeria delfina, 2406 california street (between fillmore & steiner), sf, ca, 94115, phone: + 1 415 440 1189,

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