Saturday, July 17, 2010

maple bacon beignet from arlequin

i was in a pretty cranky mood this morning. it was no one's fault but my own for not getting my ass out of the door earlier this morning and i ended up hitting the sf ferry building saturday farmers market as it started to get crowded. yet, i took a deep breath and just charged right in.

sometimes, is good to be small....and i utterly take advantage of my size when i am darting in between the tourists, the slow pokes, etc. who are there to look and not buy. most weeks, i am able to hit up the ferry building for thursday's market, but the last couple of weeks, i haven't been able to break from work before the farmers market has rolled up. so it was with considerable purpose that i hit my usual vendors from the outside market, grabbed a housewarming present from recchiuti, and a loaf of my favorite bread...acme's upstairs bread. as i exited the ferry building with my arms ladened down with my wares, i did a rather huge exhale.

then out of the corner of my left eye, i realized that there wasn't a line in front of arlequin. opportunity! must seize opportunity. i've been wanting to try their stuff for ages. in dec 2009, i attended inforum's "the state of pastry in SF", (here is the link to the set of pics) and luis villavelazquez was on the panel. what i remember the most about luis was he was very sincere and earnest. i also remember at the dessert portion of the event after the panel, he and the folks he was working with to plate the desserts were the only ones that looked like they were actually having a good time....while still being super efficient.

yeah, i notice things like that.

so i've been curious about the sweets at the arlequin booth at the ferry building for quite some time. it seemed that today was going to be the day. i must admit i had some difficulty choosing what to get....

there was an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and their interpretations of beignets. i ended up picking the maple bacon beignet....

first thing i noticed was the dough was lovely....and moist.

then i tasted the custard which was lovely....and very well suited to my palate. it wasn't super fact the entire thing wasn't super sweet. the bacon was an interesting touch and added a bit of savory surprise.

i'm glad that i finally tried something from them. it was a good way to soothe crankiness from my darting tourists exercise. well, i think i'll be needing to try a couple of their other flavors as well.....yet, thankfully they are also at the ferry building on thursdays.

arlequin's booth is open from 8-2 at ferry building on thursday and saturday ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,

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