Tuesday, July 6, 2010

miseducation of the foodie hunter

ooohhh, today it was back to work today after a much needed weekend respite. after plowing though emails, work, and such for about 5 hours or so, i thought i'd take the opportunity to get out of the apartment, drop off some work paperwork at UPS, and perhaps grab some late lunch/early dinner....or linner, i suppose.

there are still lots and lots of restaurants that i haven't tried yet. i suppose i could have tried ones of those. but i didn't. after dropping of the work paperwork at ups, i decided to hit up one of my regular spots, OTD on bush. my preference is to visit here during off hours as i am not a fan of crowds and was definitely looking for a moment to myself to unwind.

i pretty much ordered my usual thing which is the rice soup and a bun. i also really like the jasmine needle tea here, but this time i decided to branch out a teeny bit and order the red jasmine tea....

which was quite lovely as well.

as i slowly made my way through my yummy late lunch, i actually began to pay attention to the music playing in the background.

interestingly enough, the playlist sounded like something out of my youth....it consisted of songs by total, 702, monica, alicia keys, and tyrese! now these are songs that one typically does not hear in a restaurant and they were probably on because someone didn't feel like making the change on their ipod or because it was during off hours. yet, hearing this music made me chuckle to myself between the sips of my always lovely soup.

ahhhh youth...so much has happened since then....i definitely don't want to relive it. like ever. no thank you. i'm definitely not one who thinks my best days are behind me....forever to be in my youth.....on the contrary, i find that my best days are right now and what's ahead.

these feelings were definitely confirmed when lauren hill's ex-factor pipped through the restaurant.

now there is an emotional whopper of a song that has the ability to span decades.

the miseducation of lauren hill is probably one of my favorite albums. yet, i realized that i hadn't heard the album in years....because, interestingly enough, it was one of the cds that was appropriate by my ex. after seven years together, shit like this happens. sigh. he wasn't the even the r&b and hip hop type. he was more of the kinks, melvins, hank williams, and smiths type. while i am more of the r&b, hip hop, motown, blues, and old school jazz type (as you dear readers have probably already guessed based on my musical choices i've referenced in this blog). in fact, that is how one of my ex's closest friends knew that he had fallen for me. he kept playing songs from a hip hop station while driving around town...because it reminded him of me.

isn't that sweet? sigh.

as i paid my bill, packed up, and walked back to my place,

i told myself "you've come a long way babe......you know....to be able to remember the lovely and warm moments and not just how it ended." a few years ago, i never would have thought i would be the one to say that getting your heart broken makes you stronger....whether it was with B or others. yet it does. or that is what i found to be true for me.

once i arrived home and loaded the pics on my computer, i decided to go to amazon and buy the album again. this time as a series mp3s.... so that i can take the album with me wherever i am....and rediscover why i loved it so much in the first place.

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