Thursday, July 22, 2010

not just ramen from hapa ramen

"dear god of food nerds everywhere, it is me again, foodie hunter.... if you could help ensure that my meetings and phone calls wrap up in time for me to go to the thursday farmers market at the ferry building, it would be deeply appreciated."

these were just some of the words that passed through my mind this morning as i entered my first meeting today at 7:30am. i've missed out on the street food at the thurs market for the last couple of weeks because of work stuff. i was really hoping that i would be able to make it to the ferry building today before the street food market closed up. i also wanted to score a beignet from arlequin for the best friend (whom i would be seeing later in the evening). maybe the god (or gods) heard my little request as everything was in alignment .....and i was able to take a break in time before the market closed....but it meant that i arrived at prime time.

hello people.

still not as many people that appear post-11am on saturday mornings. must look at the positive side here.

speaking of being positive, it is sunny today. one would almost think it was actually july. while i was thinking about slurping some ramen earlier this morning when it wasn't too cloudy, i decided to go for the "sloppy mel" sandwich (i.e., miso braised pork shoulder) that i saw come across my twitter last night from hapa ramen.

as waited for my order to come up, i watched the crew hustling and noticed the signs. one of the signs included insight into their approach to their ramen and the other sign indicated that they will be making an appearance at off the grid in addition to their pop up at the coffee bar.

i'm glad that more folks will have a chance to taste their ramen and i really like the vibe of the off the grid street food event. i've been twice so far and have really enjoyed it. the people that go there....really are there to eat and enjoy the food....and i think we all know dear readers, how much i enjoy food. while i may try things that i'm on the fence about....just to see....i pretty much had a good idea that i was going to like the sloppy mel sandwich.... i mean, um, braised pork shoulder? yeah.

doesn't that look just beautiful?

how about a bit more hmmm?

doesn't that say "eat me!! eat me NOW!!"

i know people look at me oddly when i take the pictures, but oh well. i am who i am.

i'm glad i took the shots before i started the sandwich as i went through 3 napkins before i was halfway through eating it. it was supremely delicious. succulent and savory with a kick from the pickled chilies. i particularly enjoyed the pickled chilies.

this is also not a tiny sandwich btw.

yet, i pretty much absorbed it.

yes, i did eat that last if i would leave it.

it made my tummy pretty happy as i charged around the ferry building to pick up some strawberries from dirty girl (another all time foodie hunter fave), upstairs bread from acme, some sweets from arlequin, as well as a bottle of mcevoy extra virgin olive oil.

as i rode muni home, i couldn't help but think how good it is to be home.


hapa ramen, , thursdays farmers market 10-2pm, ferry plaza farmers market, one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,

disclosure: if you haven't read any postings from me before, i wanted to let you know that i met richie "in person" for the first time on july 1, 2010. i wrote about this. yet, if you read me regularly or go through my postings for the past couple of years, you'd know that this doesn't have bearing on what i decide to write about. i could have just written about strawberries from dirty girl....or about the chocolate cherry cookies i bought from arlequin (which i may still do that btw)....or if i didn't like the sandwich, i wouldn't have written about it...whether i knew richie or not.

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