Thursday, July 15, 2010

reveal who you are

i had originally planned on writing about something else this evening. yet, based on what i've seen pass through on my twitter, i changed my mind.

i've decided to write about the power of words and ideas.....through the frame of writing on food blogs.

now, i try a lot of foods and eat at a lot of places that i don't like. in fact, the majority of places and products i try, i don't like.

yet, if you go through the my 600+ postings, you'll notice that i've rarely written anything negative about food or a food-related vendor. i think i've only written something negative 5 times. 5 times in 600+ postings from 2008-2010 is not a lot. two of those times were blasting food-oriented web sites for using my content without permission (who should have absolutely positively known better as corporate for-profit revenue driven organizations). 1 time was tasting mugwort mochi for the first time, and it really wasn't an attack on a vendor or a food product....but rather more of a funny story about my misplaced expectations and how i should have really read the package before eating it. another time was my explanation of why i wouldn't visit a food vendor anymore....because of service reasons....and in that posting, i was very clear that the product they produce was amongst the best of that category that i have ever tasted, but due to service, i would not be visiting that vendor. the last time was about a certain chef that said a disparaging statement about food in san francisco....but then again, i was also honest and said the food i had at his place was good....real good....but did relay some business information on why not buying his book in the bay area would potentially have a direct impact his plans to extend his "brand".

yes, i am an anti-social shit at times. i believe the words "cold", "robotic", "intellectual" (not said as a compliment), "impersonal", "intimidating", etc. have been used to describe me at some point or another. yet, i am a robotic analytical asshole with a conscience and a sense of responsibility for my words, actions, and ideas. i am definitely not one of those food bloggers that get off on writing scathing reviews of food products....because they get drunk off the power being heard through social media and of disparaging others.

i love food...and am passionate about food, photography, and writing. this is why i cook, eat, read, write, and take pictures.

unfortunately, there is a market and segment of the food world that really gets off on scathing reviews.....both writing them and reading them. in this age of collaborative user-driven content through social media, words and ideas have a wonderful, amazing, and powerful communication vehicle.....that often times have an immediate and lasting impact.
words and ideas have always been and will always be powerful. yet, what can be used for good.....can also be used for evil.

words and ideas reflect the motivations and thoughts of the user/writer....they are tools that reflect the character of those that wield them.

sometimes i wonder if those that use them as weapons realize just how much their writing reveals of their character...or lack there of.

there are many food bloggers that write to become famous....whether in their own head....or to become famous enough in order to drive revenue (through ads or through obtaining contract work)....or seek a "high" that they get when they are looked to as an authority on a particular subject. some are good and some are bad. some are truly passionate about food and seek to make a living or obtain satisfaction from their passion. others look at food blogging as a route to potential power, fame, and to ride the wave of mainstream "acceptable" food obsession....but don't really like food. in fact, some of them hate food.

the food bloggers that hate food and whose motivations for writing include ego masturbation and power trips make me angry. i'm not arguing that all food writing should be positive....yet, if there are criticisms....they should be constructive criticisms and backed up with proper well-researched evidence.

in other words, i think those that decide to be critical had better be willing to take responsibility for their words, ideas, and actions. for what you are absolute reality.....when you are throwing out inaccurate information through the frame of "food criticism" whether on yelp, your blog, or social shitting on another person....perhaps shitting on a whole group of people whose livelihood is connected with that organization. a restaurant or product is rarely 1 person....there is usually a well as families connected with those teams....on the business side....on the creative side.....on the implementation side....that often work crazy ass hours so that you can have that food experience.

from this foodie hunter's perspective, you are what you eat. you are what you write. you are what you cook. you are what you are passionate about. you are who you love. these things reveal quite a bit about who you are.....and if you write inaccurate statements via social media for less than stellar motivations....what does this say about who you are?

just some food for thought.

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