Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a birthday at adesso

we make choices everyday don't we? what we decide to say or not say. how we decide to live or not live. how we decide to frame specific situations in our lives....it is all some type of choice. some interesting things happened today but i'm going to choose not to discuss them tonight. i choose, instead, to discuss a lovely evening last night.

last night was the best friend's bday celebration at adesso. the early birds settled in at the bar at before we moved to a table. while we were at the bar, we conferred over the cocktail list and i indicated aloud that i was going to go for the lemon verbena cocktail while others continued the discussion. a few minutes later the bartender stopped by to ask us what we would like and then completely surprised me by setting the lemon verbena cocktail down in front of me. he said that he heard me say something about it earlier. SWEET! talk about service and efficiency! it was a nice way to begin the evening and still makes me smile now thinking about it. it was also quite a lovely cocktail. after he made everyone's cocktails and we did a round robin of tasting each others (of course), i broke out with the present for the best friend as i wanted to keep in theme with the charcuterie theme of the evening.....

the pics were from earlier in the day btw and not at adesso. i do love boccalone products and i have a feeling she will enjoy these later (likely with her honey on some later picnic). she, like many of her friends, are quite the fan of tasty salty cured pig parts. adesso, quite fortunately, also have cured meats and pates as well....that include duck and rabbit. unfortunately, something odd happened last night between me and my battered little point-and-shoot camera while i was at adesso and i have no pics to show from the event. i am rather bitter about this because 1) it was her bday and 2) i was feeling really good about some of those pictures as i was taking them.

perhaps i was had such a good feeling about the pics because i enjoyed seeing her so happy. there is nothing quite like it is there? to see those that you love being happy. during those moments everything seems right in the world.

but alas, poof! the pics are gone. yet, i have a feeling that the happiness from that evening and the connections made over a tasty spread will not go poof or fade anytime soon.

adesso, 4395 piedmont ave, oakland, ca, 94611, +1 (510) 601-0305, http://www.dopoadesso.com/adesso/information

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