Sunday, August 8, 2010

randomly tasty

this weekend didn't turn out according to plan.

originally, i had planned on going up to see the family on friday night and saturday. yet, i had been fighting off a cold-whatever-it-is and it really hit me hard on thursday. really hard. i didn't want to infect the family with whatever it was that i had so i decided to not leave the city after all. i also didn't have any strong inclinations to leave my apartment for extended amounts of time. i did pop out a few times over the past few days...but it was always during non-prime time to grab ice cream at humphry slocombe to process a couple of things, sit in a cafe to do some work, or to briefly meet up with VG who was visiting from nyc (because that would be a total douche bag maneuver wouldn't it? to say...yeah, you are in town but i'm not going to see you? not.) i tried to take it easy as i will definitely need my energy for the next few weeks given what is going down at work.

i started to feel a bit better today and decided to stop off at the heart of the city farmers' market at civic center to buy some produce. this is one of the farmers markets i hit up pretty regularly. i noticed that there were lots of tomatoes, peppers, okra, and eggplant, and beans at the market.

often times when i am at the market, i'll buy whatever strikes me. i usually don't have any agenda or anything specific in mind that "i must get". i love going to farmers markets and especially love the diversity of the markets in the city. the heart of the city farmers market is extremely different from the ferry building....but i enjoy both for different reasons. yet no matter what market i go to, one of my favorite things to do is to unload the bounty i bought at the market.....

and think about potential combinations and such over the next few days. doesn't that look lovely?

in this case, i decided to make myself a pasta made with some of the produce i picked up today as well as a chunk of njuda (from boccalone in the sf ferry building....i already had this in my fridge).

after, i set a pot of water to boil for the pasta. i prepped the black cherry tomatoes i picked up at the market. after tasting a couple of the pieces, i decided that the tomatoes needed a bit of help to bring out some of their i decided to roast them a bit.

since the oven was going to be on, i decided to roast some red onion as well. i was doing all of this "on the go".....pretty much deciding what would go into the dish as i was cooking.

once the tomatoes and onion were done......

and the water reached a boil, i added the pasta, and got ready to prepare my "sauce". i put some extra virgin olive oil into a hot pan and then added the chunk (without the casing) of the njuda into the hot oil.

i had a feeling it would disintegrate (similar to how preserved anchovies disintegrate). i thought this would be a good salty savory base. then i also added some heirloom tomatoes i had in the fridge as well as some basil.

i figured two different kinds of tomatoes cooked differently wouldn't be a bad thing. then i added the roasted onion.

once the pasta was done, i added the pasta to the mixture and then added the roasted black cherry tomatoes, more basil, and salt. this turned out to be quite randomly tasty.

this happens quite a bit in the foodie hunter kitchen....making random pastas, soups, and tartines (open faced sandwiches) are consistent standbys for me.

i also just had the leftover pasta topped with a fried duck egg and shaved parmesan for a late dinner. that worked out pretty well too. what's on the food agenda for tomorrow? i'm not sure....i won't be lacking for options....that is for certain. i also don't mind looking at a group of seemingly random components and figuring out how to make it work for know....sort of making sense and order out of random chaos.

kind of like how i approach my life in general.


Su-Lin said...

Ooooh, I have some Spanish sobrassada that I reckon would act like that njuda.... Will take inspiration from your pasta dish!

foodie hunter said...

hiya su-lin! i'm glad! i hope it works out!