Wednesday, August 4, 2010

soup in august

it really figures doesn't it? i'm looking out the window right now and it is pretty overcast. it has been like this all day. because of the weather, some things going on at work, and some leftovers i had in my fridge, i decided that today was going to be a soup day.

when the family was visiting this past weekend, i bought a whole rotisserie chicken from a reputable place. while i used the majority of the chicken as a component to a few meals over the weekend, i saved the carcass that had bits of meat on it.

i knew that i could use it for a quick soup and decided that today would be a good day. i also had some leftover cherry tomatoes as well that i thought could add a nice punch to the soup.

so i grabbed a pot, chopped up some onion, smashed a couple of cloves of garlic, and sauteed it all with some roughly crushed chilies and extra virgin olive oil.

then i added the chicken carcass, some water, a bay leaf, and kosher salt...

and once it arrived to a boil, i turned it down to a simmer and did some more work on my computer for a while.
i also popped the plate of cherry tomatoes seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and a bit of dried sage into the oven to roast.

once the stock was ready (which i determined by taste),

i took gently took out the carcass and threw in a handful of extra wide noodles. then i chopped up some parsley and picked out the meat from the bones while the stock simmered. then i added the meat and parsley and let that simmer for a bit.

by this point the tomatoes were ready and were awaiting to be added to the soup.

i scooped out the soup first and then added the roasted cherry tomatoes on top as i wanted there to be intense pops of the sweet bright acidity....but not have tomato in every bite. it turned out quite nice. this is not the sort of thing i would ever serve to anyone else but me....

but this is a prime example of how i cook at home for myself during the day....using odd bits and ends to make a meal that fits my mood for the day.

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